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Advanced Vision Care Offers Worried Ultralase Laser Eye Surgery Patients Hope


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2013 -- Worried patients who are fearing for their laser eye surgery plans following the demise of a major High Street chain of outlets have been offered hope from a leading independent eye clinic.

Advanced Vision Care says the news that laser eye surgery firm Ultralase has gone into administration, just 11 months after being snapped-up by competitor Optimax, will worry many patients looking to undergo eye surgery.

Now the leading London-based clinic which, like Ultralase used to do, uses the best laser eye surgery equipment available such as the Technolas, the longest-established laser for eye surgery in Europe, and Intralase  blade-free technology for highly accurate results, says patients should contact them.

However, the strong attraction for using the clinic is that it prides itself on using some of the world’s best eye surgeons along with an unrivalled aftercare service.

This isn’t the first time that Advanced Vision Care has stepped in to help patients of its competitor – they did so when Ultralase was taken over and 16 of its 30 clinics were closed soon afterwards.

That’s when scores of worried patients opted for quality of care over cost to undergo laser eye surgery with the clinic for incredible vision results.

The best laser eye surgery clinic in the UK
Advanced Vision Care is noted for its high success rates in restoring youthful vision has successfully treated more than 5,000 patients.

A spokesman for the Harley Street-based clinic said: “While we are saddened to hear that a laser eye surgery provider has gone into administration, we are prepared once again to help worried patients.

“As the leading laser eye surgery clinic in the UK, we offer an unrivalled service to treat a range of eye conditions with laser eye surgery and non-laser surgery.

“The results from our happy patients speak for themselves and we would be happy to see disappointed Ultralase patients undertake an initial consultation with us to see what we can do.”

The spokesman added: “All potential patients looking to undertake laser eye surgery should ask about the equipment being used in High Street clinics and for the experience and qualifications of the surgeon who will carry out the operation.

“Indeed, it’s these question which will undoubtedly help people to opt for an eye operation with a leading independent laser eye surgery clinic like ours rather than choosing the cheaper High Street option.

“We encourage everyone to thoroughly research their clinic and to visit our website for open and honest information about what we can do for them.”

Advanced Vision Care is also the laser eye surgery centre of choice for a large number of celebrities, actors and sports stars who have passed through their doors to enjoy perfect vision afterwards.

Indeed, patients head to the clinic from around the world to ensure that their laser eye surgery is a success.

Ultralase laser eye surgery patients urged to get in touch
Advanced Vision Care also has a strong reputation for taking on difficult eye operations that other clinics refuse to do.

Patients who were looking to undergo laser eye surgery with Ultralase are urged to get in touch with Advanced Vision Care to see what they can do for them as soon as possible.

The cost of treatment at Advanced Vision Care compares well with their competitors and the entire process is pain-free with friendly staff helping and advising at every step of the patient’s treatment.

About Advanced Vision Care
Advanced Vision Care (AVC) are world renowned eye surgeons and are based in Harley Street, London, they provide laser and non-laser treatments for poor eyesight

For further information contact:
Mr CT Pillai London Greater London U.K.


Advanced Vision Care
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Phone: 0800 652 4878