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Advanced Vision Care's Sophisticated New Treatment Removes Cataracts in Minutes, as Revealed in Popular UK Newspaper


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2015 -- Advanced Vision Care, the UK's most highly reputed vision correction clinic has been featured in the Daily Express for its ground-breaking new Alcon Suite.

The article in the popular newspaper, " My Cataracts Were Gone In Minutes - The Technology That's Giving People Their Sight Back " describes how revolutionary new technology, available only at Advanced Vision Care's Alcon Suite, is treating cataracts in a way that has never been quite so safe, comfortable and accurate.

Advanced Vision Care's new Alcon Suite has now become the most advanced cataract treatment clinic within the whole of the UK thanks to the steep investment made within truly sensational cataract and lens exchange technology. The trio of powerful surgical tools - Verion Image Guided System, Centurion Vision System and Luxor LX3 With Q-VUE - are only collectively available at Advanced Vision Care. The clinic and surgical technology represent a new and exciting milestone for the accuracy and speed through which cataract may safely be removed.

Cataracts can be a real scourge when left untreated, and the condition - which causes cloudiness, blurred or misty vision - is quite common. In fact, about half of over 65's suffer from it, and a staggering 750,000 people are diagnosed with it every month.

While generally a common and safe removal procedure, the older methods and technology used to treat cataracts carry higher risks of error and complications. For instance a surgeon may tear into the eye membrane and lens, in which case inflammation and infection may be suffered by the patient. Use of middle of the range cataract treatments will lower but not eliminate chances of complications.

However, private cataract treatment at Advanced Vision Care through the use of the trio of technologies described above, all but eliminates such risks. The patient can therefore experience cataract surgery that is far less invasive, flawlessly accurate while enjoying faster recovery times to boot.

One of the first patients to be treated at the new Alcon Suite at Advanced Vision Care, Michael Pattemore, described his delight at how quick, pain-free and simple the procedure seemed in a video interview

The future of cataract surgery has truly arrived. And it may be found at Advanced Vision Care

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