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Daytona Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- The recent launch of a new and improved website,, has proved to be a great help for college students who are seeking a career in phlebotomy. The website comprehensively provides students with each and every detail on phlebotomy, ranging from its significance today to the remuneration one would get for serving as a phlebotomy technician.

Pursuing a career in phlebotomy is not an easy task. A person should always have to have the necessary knowledge relating to a phlebotomist’s functions, obligations and responsibilities so as to maximize its fullest benefits. The website effectively elaborates the key factors one should consider before deciding to become a phlebotomist. The first factor focuses on getting a college degree in this line of study as it will equip him with the right kind of phlebotomy knowledge and skills. Moreover, it will increase his chances of being hired by a prestigious and recognized phlebotomy company as its concerned officials will be assured of his capabilities and potentials required in the field.

The phlebotomy degrees should also be accompanied by essential documents, credentials and certificates, highlighting an individual’s expertise in the field that will further strengthen his chances of recruitment in the company. Secondly, one should always have an extensive experience with the laboratory activities as he will always have to deal with the blood and urine samples plus labeling and storing them properly. The last factor emphasizes on undergoing a proper phlebotomy training before applying for a position in any company as it will, enable a person to serve the patients more efficiently and further build up his confidence level.

The website also discusses how certain factors; including experience, location, employer, gender, and certification affect the salary of a certified phlebotomist technician. An individual may need to have a strong educational background in phlebotomy and an extensive experience level in order to achieve the optimum level of annual salary. However, the highest income of phlebotomists ranges from $39,000 to $40,000 per year. Most phlebotomists also receive additional benefits from their employers that mostly include increase in salary due to exceptional performances. They often earn an average of 1-2 weeks of paid vacation and also enjoy a chance of average annual bonuses, ranging between $238 and $302 along with yearly profit sharing payments of $450 or more.

Being enormously rich in the essentials of phlebotomy, the website also provides high quality and worthy information relating to the phlebotomy schools and classes, and guides interested individuals towards receiving an online phlebotomy certification by simply taking flexible online courses at renowned medical schools on the internet.

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