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Advances in POS Technology Improve Transaction Success and Security

Solve-It! Store Revolutionizes Tablet POS Capabilities with iTab Pro POS


Simi Valley, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- Solve-It! Store, a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative tablet accessories introduces the iTab Pro Point of Sale display for the iPad, a device designed to enclose and secure the tablet as it is used in POS transactions, while protecting it from damage or theft. Click on the link for more information on an iPad enclosure.

This is the company’s first product that can completely secure an iPad that also prevents the theft of the device, itself, or its card reader -- common challenges when using portable devices for this type of transaction. The iTab Pro POS is unique, in that it also locks the device’s card swipe in place, allowing for more constant accurate swipes. Click on the link for additional detail on the iPad mount.

A spokesperson for Solve-It! Store explained some of the additional benefits of the iTab Pro POS. “This is an incredible advance in iPad accessory development that increases security and durability from earlier adaptations. This is the first true commercial-grade hardware for iPad or tablet point of sale use.” He added, “The designers really thought of everything in this design; it even uses Pad Grip Pro VESA, which allows for ergonomic versatility.”

Enclosure Features:

- 75mm x 75mm VESA mount for universal mounting
- Engineered for use with the Magtek® iDynamo swipe
- Card swipe secured 100% inside enclosure: great for high-volume commercial use
- Incorporated rubber buffer pads allow use and adapt to different iPad models
- Strong and secure hinged latch system make opening and closing enclosure easy
- Heavy-duty Kensignton® lock for high security is optional (recommended for self-service or unattended solutions)
- Access/Openings: Power, volume, lock orientation, front/rear camera, home button insert to block or allow access
- Lock enclosure from multiple areas, up to 4 points with security screws

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