Adventure Parks and Hotel Vista Golfo Introduces New Packages for Adventure Tours in Costa Rica


Tajo Alto Miramar, Puntarenas, Costa Rica -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2013 -- Adventure Parks and Hotel Vista Golfo, a renowned tourist destination, has now introduced the most affordable packages meant to provide its guests with the fun-filled adventure tours in Costa Rica.

The organization has elegantly tailored the packages that suit every budget range. A spokesperson explains further by stating, “We are able to design packages according to the guests’ preferences and budget. Our stay package comes with various combinations such as airport pickup and drop off, meals, adventure activities including of sports, hiking, etc., along with a dedicated vehicle and local guides.”

Speaking further about the distinctive tour packages offered by Adventure Parks and Hotel Vista Golfo, the spokesperson states, “These packages offer a little extra than the stay packages as they further includes a customized vacation, meeting guests’ every need.”

The organization has further classified the packages into Silver, Golden and Platinum, with each package offering guests with enough room to enjoy their vacation, supplemented with never ending fun. A thorough catalogue of each and every package is available on

Situated between the exotic natures of Costa Rica, Adventure Park and Hotel Vista Golfo is a perfect destination for achieving oneself. A mecca for adventure-seeking-tourists, the destination offers the sights of active and dormant volcanoes, green-filled national parks, and beautiful jungles, making it the most desired adventure park in Costa Rica.

Adventure Park and Hotel Vista Golfo, with their affordable packages, has further made sure that tourists get to feel the trance of this beautiful destination. The organization without a doubt has added a modern comfort to this wonderful adventure in Costa Rica.

About The Adventure Park and Hotel Vista Golfo
Adventure Park and Hotel Vista Golfo offers its guests with never ending adventure and an unforgettable experience while discovering the beauty Costa Rica. The organization provides guests with the tailored packages, comfortable accommodation and some of the greatest adventure tours in the country. Adventure Park & Hotel Vista Golfo is a member of the Adventure Hotels of Costa Rica and ensures clients with eco-friendly beach hotels, mountain lodges, and small hotels throughout Costa Rica.

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