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Adventure Scuba Becomes New York City's First PADI TecRec Certified Center

Qualification will allow instructors to teach the full range of PADI technical diving courses, giving NYC residents the ability to conveniently progress even further as divers, Adventure Scuba reports


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2014 -- Adventure Scuba, a leading dive training, gear sales, and travel center, announced that the company has become the first PADI TecRec-qualified school in the city. The Professional Association of Diving Instructors' TecRec program focuses on the teaching of technical diving techniques, those used at depths and in situations that are beyond the limits of conventional recreational diving. Adventure Scuba's certification under the TecRec program means that the company can now offer the whole range of PADI technical diving courses, including the Tec 40, Tec 45, and Tec 50 courses that together help divers transition from the less-demanding world of recreational diving.

"As New York City's premier diving company, it is very exciting for us to announce that we have become the first in the area to receive PADI TecRec certification," Adventure Scuba representative Seth Orenstein said, "This development is going to open up a whole slate of new options for capable recreational divers in the area who are looking to grow their skills even further."

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors, or PADI, promulgates standards that are designed to ensure that diving instructors around the world are qualified to safely and effectively teach students. PADI's TecRec program focuses on the so-called technical, or "tec," style of diving that has divers going to depths of 40 meters or more and dealing with the decompression issues that arise.

Adventure Scuba's certification as a PADI TecRec center is further evidence of the company's significance and value to the East Coast diving community and means that Adventure Scuba instructors will now be able to take students through any of PADI's highly respected technical diving courses. Some of these courses are of a general nature and meant to help introduce recreational divers to the challenges and requirements of technical diving. Others focus in depth on specific pieces of equipment or techniques, like the several PADI courses that cover the intricacies and proper usage of diving rebreathers.

In addition to the new PADI TecRec courses, Adventure Scuba offers a wide range of other diving courses aimed at everyone from complete beginners to veteran instructors. Students enjoy the ability to take these courses in Manhattan itself, a convenience that can help them become better prepared to make the most of their time-limited diving vacations away from the city.

Adventure Scuba is also one of the top destinations in the region for diving gear and travel packages. The company's retail location at 1737 York Avenue, between 90th and 91st Streets, stocks a deep selection of wet suits, diving masks, and other diving and snorkeling equipment. Adventure Scuba also arranges well-designed diving trips and vacations to a variety of interesting destinations. Trips to the Dutch Springs quarry in nearby Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for example, allow students to become certified at the open water level and develop their skills further.

Further information about Adventure Scuba's new PADI TecRec offerings, as well as the company's many other courses, gear options, and dive travel opportunities, can be found at the Adventure Scuba website.

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