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Adventure World Gymsets Unveils New Vinyl Covered Wood


Bird-In-Hand, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2013 -- Parents that want to spend money on a quality outdoor playset for their children want that playset to be safe and look good for years. Unfortunately, wooden swing sets have the tendency to rot and decay over time and kids playsets that wear down can be a safety hazard for children because of the risk of structural failure. Adventure World Gymsets has the solution to these this problem with a brand new vinyl covered wood and corrosion resistant connections.

The problem with wooden swing sets is that the exposure to the elements weakens the integrity of the wood. Every rainstorm or snowfall makes the structure less secure, and while treatments can extend the life of the wood, eventually the wood will rot. In addition kids playsets made of wood are susceptible to wood damaging insects, such as termites, and bees. Vinyl covered wood addresses these issues by wrapping the wooden supports in tight vinyl that keep the elements at bay. The kids playsets still have the structural integrity of wood, but the vinyl keeps the wood safe.

In addition to the vinyl covered wood on the wooden swing sets, the metal connectors that hold the structure together are also corrosion resistant. Bolts made of stainless steel and powder coated brackets mean that the kids playset will not suffer from rust or paint peeling. With these advancements, the wooden swing set will be safe and look good for the lifetime of the swing set.

Wooden swing sets using vinyl covered wood produced by Adventure World Gymsets have a twenty year warranty for the structural pieces, while the slides and swings for the kids playsets have a warranty of up to five years. These high quality and long-lasting kids playsets can provide a safe and fun environment for children to use for many, many years.

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