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South Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2015 -- Red Crayon is a premiere advertising agency Melbourne , performing multiple functions to build brands, improve visibility and increase sales for clients. A successful marketing campaign doesn't just happen. It's the result of specialised expertise, techniques and technology that Red Crayon utilizes every day to promote its clients.

An advertising agency generates ideas, designs advertising campaigns, and delivers them across multiple platforms and media to increase sales in sustainable ways. Before the advent of the Internet, it was often enough for business owners to run a small ad in a local newspaper or phone book. Phone directories are quickly becoming obsolete and those who want to engage a larger audience can't rely on small local publications.

Red Crayon tailors marketing campaigns to address the specific needs of clients, whether they seek to improve local sales or offer their products and services worldwide. The agency's professionals work closely with clients and are skilled at assisting individuals determine their target markets and creating marketing strategies that reach the heart of consumer purchasing.

The advertising agency Melbourne offers a complete range of marketing services to fulfil any need. The firm provides campaigns that utilize TV, the press, radio and social media, along with email, video and outdoor advertising venues. Red Crayon provides clients with advanced technology for architectural rendering, graphic arts, animations and digital media.

Red Crayon attends to all the details of creating, designing and implementing marketing strategies to articulate the client's message to their target market. The agency understands the psychology of marketing, consumer purchasing habits and how to reach potential customers on an emotional and perceptual level that's essential for increased sales.

Today's advertising agencies do much more than submit press releases or place ads, though it's part of a comprehensive marketing campaign. The number of available outlets for advertising has increased significantly and agencies must be cognizant of where clients will achieve the most exposure based on their goals, products and services. Each business is different and Red Crayon tailors strategies to the individual.

About Red Crayon
Red Crayon is an advertising agency Melbourne specialising in marketing in the modern age under real world conditions. From print media to interactive online options, the firm's professionals are skilled and experienced in the many modes available to communicate client messages, while providing them with the best return on their investment.

Located at Level 3, 132-136 Albert Road in South Melbourne, for more information call +61 (0)3 9533 2211or visit Red Crayon online. The agency maintains a presence on Facebook , Twitter , YouTube and Instagram

Craig Mcleod, Owner
Red Crayon
Phone: 03  9533 2211
Level 3, 132-136 Albert Road,
South Melbourne, Victoria 3205 Australia