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Advice Forge Ltd with Green Services by Greendata


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2014 -- Green server hosting provider Greendata s.r.o. from the Czech Republic and Advice Forge Ltd, UK provider of cloud, storage and server cluster services with high SLA, today announced a partnership designed to aid in the cost-effective launch of Green IT services for UK and Europe market. After successful testing, Advice Forge has started building its own premium data services exclusively via Greendata services for UK customers.

Green services from the real Green DC

Greendata is an independent European company based in Prague, Czech Republic. “Our data center is designed to use the bare minimum of energy. The installation of smart thermal isolation with a silver anti-solar wall, special white foam-roof coat of paint, smart temperature controls with ‘Free-Cooling’ system and roof breathers and LED lightning for common usage are merely a few features of our Green DC which we formally call Greenhousing” declared Zdenek Marsal CEO of Greendata.

Final product – Green Server Cluster

“This exclusive partnership brings real green data services to the UK market and from now on all Advice Forge‘s cluster services and other premium data services will be completely founded on the Greendata infrastructure, so our server cluster services which work between two geo-locations will not only benefit from high SLA but from today onwards will also be green“ said Peter Pile, from Technical division Advice Forge Ltd.

How much do green cluster services cost?

The price of a Green Geo Server Cluster with two Dell PowerEdge 2 x QC servers starts from £249 per month. A more advanced server cluster with 2 x Six Core CPU is still in development. The price includes consequential virtualization, virtualization management API and set-up cost. The service is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Green services from the real Green DC
For over four years, the company has been testing and building a real Green Data Center for customers, who want truly green data services. In fact, our primary data center uses 62% less energy than the typical data center, but this is still only part of our green puzzle. Our services operate completely under the heading of the ten green commandments and furthermore, 10% of our post-tax profits go towards supporting CSR projects focused on the environment. “In short ‘green’ in is part of our business name for a reason” concluded Zdenek Marsal from Greendata.

About Advice Forge Ltd.
Advice Forge provides smart and affordable data services with high SLA for UK customers. Considering prices offered Advice Forge Ltd. can save you up to 25% of the final price compared to our competitors. Advice Forge offer premium geographic high availability failover services with SLA of 99.96% and cheap data storages with no aggregate or limitation of the connection. More:

Greendata Company

Greendata s.r.o. represents a company that has been on the market providing internet services since 2010 under the brand name of Greenhousing. It closely specializes in the lease of cheap but reliable dedicated and managed servers and connected services. Greenhousing is currently administrating more than 300 European business clients including banks, marketing and web studios, and small and medium web hosting providers, internal and external portals. The company offers its services under the heading of the ten green commandments with maximal respect to nature and meeting the standards of a carbon neutral company and a Green Data Business. More:

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