Joe Bragg Explains Most HGH Supplement Websites Give Visitors False and Misleading Information


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- Human growth hormone supplements seem to become more and more popular every year for anti-aging, weight loss, and muscle growth. Human growth hormones – also known as HGH – play a critical role in many of the body’s most essential processes. With the use of HGH supplements, some websites even suggest that an 80 year old woman can feel like she’s 18 again.

One website is ready to tell visitors that most of these HGH claims are false. That website is, which aims to offer no-nonsense advice to those seeking information about HGH and any growth hormone supplements. Information on the website is sourced from clinical studies and independent lab reports and the overall goal of the site is to provide visitors with all the HGH information they need – minus the hype.

At the homepage, visitors will find a brief outline of the claims that other sites make about HGH. The sites advertise the fact that users can:

-Take HGH to become Superman
-Take HGH Product X and watch IGF-1 levels skyrocket
-Spray HGH up the nose to experience explosive muscle growth

As a spokesperson for explains, HGH isn’t a miracle compound – but it does have some phenomenal properties:

“As with many things on the internet, most of the hype around HGH is too good to be true. The truth is: HGH is a powerful hormone that our bodies produce every day. 20 year olds, on average, produce 500 micrograms per day, while 80 year olds only produce an average of 25 micrograms per day. HGH is used to convert body fat to muscle mass, repair tissues, heal the body, and perform all of the other jobs our bodies need in order to stay healthy.”

While HGH levels constantly drop as the body gets older, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to maintain high HGH levels. At the cost of around $20,000 per year, patients can get their doctor to administer regular HGH shots, although this is not generally covered by insurance. Others turn to the bogus HGH supplement market.

But as the spokesperson explains, those who buy oral HGH supplements are wasting their money:

“The truth about many HGH supplements found on the internet and in stores is that they simply don’t work. The reason behind this is that HGH is a complex amino acid hormone that is too delicate to be manufactured into an oral supplement, like a pill, powder, or spray. HGH supplements can only be administered through injections. In fact, those seeking to increase HGH levels are better off stimulating their pituitary gland than spending thousands of dollars on supplements.”

About is a Human Growth Hormone (HGH) information website that explains why HGH supplements do not work. HGH is an essential hormone that is naturally produced by the body, although the body’s production of HGH declines significantly with age. For more information, please visit: