Finansu Sprendimai

Advisory Firm Finansu Sprendimai Launches Company Establishing Services in Lithuania

The financial advisory firm offers financial solutions to a number of institutions in Lithuania


Kaunas, Lithuania -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Finansu Sprendimai, the financial advisory firm based in Kaunas, Lithuania, has launched services to assist companies to establish themselves in as less a span of time as two working days. The firm specialises in helping people who wish to run their own businesses establish companies. Finansu Sprendimai also fields questions free of cost from people about procedure of establishing companies and related financial aspects.

The firm offers people to form companies without the required authorized capital of LT 10,000. There are several already established companies as well which people can choose from if they require a company immediately. This process takes only about half an hour.

Finansu Sprendimai boasts of offering their services at very reasonable prices. The company states, “We provide you quality services for lower prices than the ones in the market.”

The type of companies for corporate persons that can be established under the services of Finansu Sprendimai are Private limited liability company (Ltd.), Sole Proprietorship (SP), Public enterprise, General Partnership (GP), Limited Partnership (LP), Charity and Support Fund (CSF), Association, Stock Company (SC), Gardeners’ Community, Community of Block of Flats owners and other types. The company offers consultation on the questions of accounting and taxes and helps with personal financial plans for private persons.

To view the company establishing services and complete portfolio of offered by Finansu Sprendimai, visit their official website here.

About Finansu Sprendimai
Finansu Sprendimai is a financial advisory firm based in Kaunas, Lithuania, which offers investment recommendations, archive management services, the establishment, and reorganisation of companies, consulting and accounting. The company offer services for establishing companies in as short a time span of two working days. The company also prepares documents and represents their clients in state institutions and notary bureaus. The solutions of the company include services for financing and taxing questions of companies, assistance in preparing financial part of business plan when applying for loans from EU, and other financial questions and issues.