Adzzup Announces 2 Essential Trends for Small Business Marketing in 2014

Mobile Websites and Social Media Signaling are vital adjustments for local companies in 2014, according to Adzzup.


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- Adzzup is helping local companies affordably capitalize on two vital trends in online advertising to remain competitive in the coming years. The move towards mobile friendly marketing and social media relevance are the core of what company executives cite as dynamic shifts in how consumers make buying decisions. Adzzup has responded accordingly with complimentary and economical upgrades to internet marketing packages to meet these shifts.

The growth of mobile devices such and smart phones and tablets is changing how businesses reach consumers in the sales cycle. A higher conversion rate and favorable ROI are among the top factors driving a move to websites that are compatible with mobile gadgets.

Many locally operated companies face challenges to resources or lack the tech savvy to adapt online advertising to this trend, according to Adzzup management. This shortfall places small businesses, typically in blue collar industries, at a disadvantage to competitors who have adjusted to mobile advertising trends.

In response, Adzzup is offering mobile websites as a free feature for clients on the company’s platform. Executives note the feature overcomes the cost and time constraints that plague many local companies in adjusting marketing efforts.

The impact of social media sites such as Facebook and Google + on search engine rankings is another crucial aspect of small business marketing. The amount of times a social media post is shared, recommended, or retweeted is indicative of credibility in the changing algorithms of search engines.

While inbound links are still considered a foremost factor in SEO results, Adzzup management predicts SEO and social media will become more integrated. This will allow social sites to be a primary means for inbound link building. This prediction is separately supported in an article from SEO Moz.

Small business clients who market within a 50-100 mile radius have been slower or dismissive in adopting social media, according to findings from Adzzup. These small businesses are now faced with increasing competition from national companies seeking inroads into underserved local markets.

As a solution, Adzzup is offering complimentary social media setup across major platforms for local businesses. Clients may send in special promotions, videos or commentary for regular posting. Adzupp points to social media marketing as a cost effective and time efficient equalizer that small companies can use to build their brand equity.

The instant reach of social media is particularly important to small businesses that often rely on faster sales cycles to meet expenses on a month-to-month basis.

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