Adzzup, Inc. Helps Lead Efforts in Urging Caution Against Overseas SEO Outsourcing

Changes to search engine algorithms and a focus on customer satisfaction are prompting Adzzup to lead calls for increases in American based search engine optimization (SEO).


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2013 -- Adzzup executives are shedding light on the considerations of outsourcing search engine optimization (SEO) to overseas companies. The company is now helping small businesses adversely affected by generic web development from foreign sources to recover from changes to search engine ranking factors. Adzzup is an internet marketing company in Tempe, Arizona with in-house customer service, web development and campaign management.

An increased emphasis on original web content and robust websites that enhance the user experience are posing challenges to small businesses with offshore SEO marketing. These challenges include limited flexibility, accountability and communication barriers, according to Adzzup management.

In response, the company is offering a free consultation to help new clients adapt their online advertising to dynamic factors. Adzzup has also forged partnerships with other American providers of internet marketing services to achieve economies of scale that rival the prices of overseas SEO marketers.

This most recently included an exclusive agreement with Phoenix, AZ based Certified Reviews, Inc., which offers reputation management to small and mid-size businesses.

A slew of overseas marketing companies offer cookie-cutter websites, link building schemes and duplicate content to American small businesses at relatively low prices. These tactics are now increasingly frowned upon by search engines, as growing numbers of consumers turn to the internet for making informed buying decisions.

Adzzup management notes that web writing sent abroad often lacks understanding of American grammar, idioms and phrasing. This disconnect is readily apparent to consumers and search engines, both of which demand relevant content.

The same notion is separately supported by think tank SEOMOZ, which notes that copied and irrelevant content is a primary source of ineffective marketing. An article in SEOChat from May 2013 echoes these sentiments. The site states that sending SEO marketing overseas is no longer a viable option for effective online advertising.

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