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Aerial Advertising Experts AirSign Offers Amazing Deal, Free Full Color Aerial Billboard


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2012 -- In tough economic times, the biggest challenge most businesses will face is how to increase sales while the majority of the market seems reluctant to spend. Appropriate advertising and marketing strategies are proven to be essential during a downturn, yet with so many advertising messages flooding the market on a daily basis, many companies find themselves struggling to be heard.

It’s estimated that almost 100,000 businesses filed for bankruptcy in the twelve months of 2011, with current trends expecting this figure to increase in 2012. Each failed business also has a network of suppliers, employees and affiliates who also suffer. One thing is clear; business is in dire straits in America right now and standing out and communicating with impact has never been more vital.

So it’s timely, then, that one of the leaders in an innovative, effective and affordable means of mass advertising should offer prospective clients an amazing offer. AirSign, the leaders in aerial advertising, have noticed the difficulties many businesses are facing. They’ve noticed, and they want to help.

Aerial advertising is the epitome of hard-hitting, targeted communication. With the ability to take a message and communicate it to a specific event or geographic area, aerial advertising is an obvious way in which businesses can cut through the white noise of cluttered messages. Impossible to ignore, aerial billboards can be a great way to attract new clients and stimulate business growth. Now, thanks to AirSign, it’s easier and more affordable than ever before.

AirSign is offering businesses everywhere the chance to receive a full color aerial billboard for free, when signing up for one of their competitive season packages. While in theory similar to a roadside billboard, there are several important and compelling differences between billboards of the aerial and roadside varieties. “The roadside billboard will probably take a long time to be read by 100,000 people, while the aerial billboard can be read by 100,000 people in a matter of minutes,” Patrick Walsh, CEO of AirSign explains. “Secondly, the roadside billboard may be read by some traveling by, but the aerial billboard will be read by virtually everyone over whom it is flown.”

In this way, the potential for impact is unrivalled. By having a custom aerial billboard printed and flown by the experts at AirSign, businesses can benefit from between $5000 - $11000 worth of advertising value at zero cost. For an advertising medium that’s sure to turn heads, it’s impossible to go past the amazing offer on the table thanks to AirSign.

About AirSign Aerial Advertising
Founded in 1996, AirSign Aerial Advertising are the leading providers of full-service aerial advertising to American businesses nationwide. Providing custom design, printing and flying of airplane banners as well as advertising blimps and skywriting, AirSign have developed an untouchable reputation for delivering amazing results for all clients, large or small. For more information, visit http://www.airsign.com