Aerial Drone Cinematography World Tour 48 Universities in 18 Months


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- UAVSA Systems Association plans to organize an Aerial Drone Cinematography World Tour which will see the organization cover 48 Universities in 18 Months. The Aerial Drone Cinematography World Tour is scheduled to be held in 2015/2016.

“The UAVSA Aerial Cinematography North America Tour is the future of the sUAV/Drone industry. UAV navigation, airframe, and sensor science presentations cover many of the high performance capabilities of sUAVs in film, television and broadcast news production, and light industrial use. Pilots and operators will learn new and innovative ways to produce potentially great works never before thought possible,” said Tony Pucciarella, the President of UAVSA Systems Association.

The Aerial Drone Cinematography World Tour theme is Prepare, Connect and Learn; Prepare -Safety, Security, and Privacy, Connect – Communication, Awareness of Others, Learn – Know the rules of flight. It will have four sessions. Session One will cover the comprehensive overview of the UAV industry; here a snapshot of the new products, flight systems and technological trends will be presented. Session Two will deal with the safety of the UAVs while Session Three will present new applications on the uses of UAVs in light industrial use and the production of films and television while Session Four will show the participants how the new smart Gimbals will allow for first camera action and multiple dynamic shot angles in a single take.

UAVSA Systems Association is calling on the public, academicians, students, engineers to join the North American leg of the Tour. According to the organization President, Tony Pucciarella

UAV Aerial Cinematography North America Tour will present the state of the art UAV hardware and software for aerial motion and light industrial use. The participants will learn how to Fly, navigation software and how it will help in film production and light industial use. On the State of the Art they will learn about the State of the Art flight light density sensors used with in flight video mapping. On GEO Fence Flying the participants will learn how future GEO Fencing will add more safety will make it possible for UAV pilot-operators to get insurance. On FAA UAS-UAV Status they will learn current FAA rulings for the many uses of UAVs for the Film, Television and Entertainment Industries.

The participation as a sponsor in this historical North America Tour grants the sponsor an access to all attendees. The sponsor will be able to go direct to the audience One to One; sell, learn and understand UAV buyer markets. This is an incredible opportunity to get access to the millennial tech community as they take to the sky.

An UAVSA sponsor will be linked to the world through all forms of communication and all mediums: internet, television, radio, social media, and more. The Title Sponsor will benefit by their co-ownership of a National UAV Educational Program promoting your company at each event and on all media outlets throughout the Tour.

“There is a revolution under way, UAVS are that revolution and are here to stay. What was once the realm of hobbyists is now part of our national security. UAV technologies are creating the personal air ways for the future of human transportation and commerce. The Aerial Drone Cinematography World Tour aims to equip with the latest skills and knowledge to make sure no one is left behind in this revolution, “said Tony Pucciarella.

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