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Grimsby, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- Aerial Photography is an extremely useful tool and resource for several different reasons, some which you probably do not expect. While these photos are stunning to think about, taken numerous feet high across the ground even though the photographer is a type of aircraft such as a helicopter, or in another type of aerial transportation like a hot air balloon, they could also serve as a very functional little bit of imagery that may be useful to businesses, construction companies and a whole lot.

The two main branches of aerial photography are those known as "oblique aerial photography" and "vertical aerial photography”. Oblique aerial photographs are taken from some kind of aircraft whether this is a fixed wing airplane, helicopter or "lighter than air" craft (balloon). The subject is seen at an angle and therefore the photographs are perceived by the human eye as having depth and definition. As the name suggests, vertical aerial photographs are taken from directly overhead looking down vertically and they therefore produce a mostly flat image almost like a map.

Aerial shots put sequences filmed on the ground into perspective by making sense of the place geographically, and add a new dimension from which to visually appreciate the beautiful and remote places in which we work. They can also be a useful tool to transport the audience from one place to another or develop a certain mood, or a change of pace in the story. You can use an aerial helicopter no matter at day or night. You can capture a brilliant night time overhead image as well as a bright and sunny daytime shot.

One of the unique and handy remote control helicopters may be the Walkera QR W100 WIFI Control RC Quadcopter. This unique device can be controlled by an iPhone and the control range is about 80 meters. You can control the RC Quadcopter through the WIFI and view the video in real time and enjoy the first person View. The radio or phone will receive the signal directly from the aircraft and you don’t need to use any network, you can fly at anytime and anywhere.

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