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Aerial Fitness for Strength Training


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- Strength training is an essential part of a good physical fitness regimen, but there are those who disdain lifting weights. For a unique approach to strength training that combines some cardiovascular work along with flexibility training, many are turning to aerial fitness classes offered at a variety of locations.

Aerial fitness involves using an apparatus such as long strands of strong, silken fabric, a hoop, or even a dance pole, to act as resistance or support during a variety of dance and Pilates like movements that strengthen and tone the whole body. Students climb, twist, hold various poses, and generally work their entire cardiovascular and muscular systems in unique and challenging ways.

Since the fabric of aerial silks or a hoop is only acting as resistance, the participant is required to do all the lifting and movement control. This not only works the cardiovascular system, but also strengthens overall core control, aligns the muscles along the spinal column, and improves posture through all over muscle toning.

Participants in the classes describe them as Pilates-like and immeasurable amounts of fun. Many of the formats are similar to ballet or TRX workouts, with the added fun of being suspended in mid-air. At the end of the class, students are led through a coordinated stretching program that uses the fabric, hoop, or other apparatus as resistance to stretch deep into muscle fibers for overall flexibility improvement.

Since classes are done at the person’s own pace, this exercise is appropriate for anyone seeking a different approach to strength training, no matter their age. It’s a full-body weight training workout, without the added weights. For more information, look into aerial yoga or aerial silks classes in certain cities to find out what this high-flying workout has in store for a fitness routine.

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