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AeroBase Group, Inc. Is a Stocking Distributor of Nut Plates

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Melbourne, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- Nut plates has been used in many devices over the years. Originally designed for primarily the aerospace industry, they are also regularly used in motorsports today for their strength and versatility. Nut plates offer an extremely important part of the aircraft, giving support when finding something suitable was extremely difficult.

They are usually made up with a long tube at the back, which is threaded through internally, as well as a plate that has two holes for riveting the nut onto a workspace. This helps keep it stable and allows for very little movement where it has been bolted on.

Nut plates are made from a wide variety of different materials, depending on what people are wanting to apply the nut to. In the aerospace world, harder materials tend to be used due to the high stresses that flying can cause on the structure of a plane. Nut plates have offered an extremely important part of the manufacturing and safe flying of any plane for many years now and this is why they are so commonly used even today – if something is not broke, then why fix it?

AeroBase Group offers the largest range of self-locking nut plates that one could ever need to look through. With a massive catalog from varying different types of aircraft and accompanying industries, we ensure that every self-locking nut plate that we have is in the best condition possible.

Because these nut-plates lock themselves in position, it is a great part to saving time – without the nut-plate, putting hardware together can take absolutely ages. They offer stability and remove the possibility of any loose pieces getting in the way of ones job. This can help any manufacturer save valuable time by having the right self-locking nut plates to help them complete the job.

Of course, like any piece of aircraft hardware, there are so many different sizes and styles of nut plates. The industry does of course have its favorite type of nut plate, being the ones that are used the most in different environments.

The most common forms of self-locking nut plates in the industry tends to be the:


Although one might be looking for a different stock, we look to offer the most variable amount people can choose from. If people need any self-locking nut plate that is not on this list then contact AeroBase down in Florida as they provide many brands other than these. Their inventory covers all of the most common hardware, and even some of the most obscure nut plate brands that people will need.

No matter what one is looking for Aero Base will be able to provide a more than suitable solution for different manufacturing needs. They keep an extensive inventory, and if they don’t have it in stock, they can procure it for clients. A very helpful group of people over there, give them a call at 888-224-1750,

AeroBase Group Inc.
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