Aerobic Exercise Improves Physical Fitness and Academic Performance, King Athletic Reports


Montreal, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- King Athletic encourages parents of young children to encourage them to jump rope, as it has been proven that HIIT exercises improve endurance, physical fitness and boosts academic function. Based on a study's findings, obese children engaging with jump rope exercises had improved executive function and academic performance.

King Athletic reveals that jump rope exercises and other High Intensity Interval Training exercises improve physical fitness and might allow young students to improve their executive function and academic performance. According to a study titled, "Aerobic exercise enhances executive function and academic achievement in sedentary, overweight children aged 7-11 years" by Grace O' Malley, aerobic exercise like modified soccer and basketball, jump rope and running games allow students to improve their planning, attention and handling of tasks, a prerequisite for good academic performance and learning.

The designer and manufacturer of jump ropes, King Athletic, endorses the study's findings and encourages students and educators to incorporate aerobic exercise in children's lives to both help them remain in good shape and to assist them with their academic performance. For those interested in picking up the activity, King Athletic is currently planning a sales promotion for its Speed Cable starting June 9th through to June 12th exclusive to Amazon customers (, redeemable with promotion code 2LMRR5U6.

An interesting finding from this study is that the more engaged children were with aerobic exercise the better they did in their executive function and math tests. The positive dose-response benefit of aerobic exercise means that the more physically active children become the better their chances of doing well academically, suggesting a causal effect between physical and cognitive fitness.

It is crucial that children are discouraged from their sedentary, internet-based lifestyles and that they incorporate the outdoors and physical activity in their lives. Obesity is fast-growing among young people, causing a domino effect and serious health concern reaching epidemic proportions. King Athletic believes it's easy to inject a few minutes of cardio exercise in a student's schedule no matter how hectic it might be. King Athletic's spokesperson Benjamin Davis, commented, "Go outside, play with your children. Don't sit at home staring and tapping at screens. Outdoor play and exercise help children do better at school and it's a unique bonding experience between parent and child".

King Athletics jump ropes can be used by people of all ages and don't burden the wrist as they have foam handles for smooth and even rotation. There's really no excuse for not devoting 15 minute a day for exercise when it's proven to help students to better at school.

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