Aerofoam Insulation Solutions Gets European Conformity - CE Marking


Dubai, United Arab Emirates -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- Leading producers of foam and plastics based insulation materials in Europe have established some quality requirements for their manufactured prod­uct, which leads us to the introduction of the CE mark in the European markets. CE mark formerly EC mark, is a must conformity marking for products which are supplied in the European Economic Area. By putting the CE marking on product, the manufacturer declares that the it meets all the requirements of EC directives and the product can be traded all over the European Union. CE mark ensures that stringent monitoring of modern quality and testing regulations were done during manufacturing which lead to maintain high quality for final product. Aerofoam Insulations of Hira Industries LLC is the first company from Middle East and North Africa region which fulfil this new legal European requirement.

Hira Industries LLC established Aerofoam division after a heavy investment in 2011 as a new factory for the manufacturing of closed cell foam insulation; the two main products were XLPE cross linked polyethylene sheet and NBR nitrile rubber insulation in the form of rolls, sheets and tubes. Aerofoam began exporting its products to Europe in 2012. As the New Year 2013 started, it was banned to sell non CE marked insulation materials to any country of the European Union. For developing Aerofoam’s brand further in Europe, they obtained the CE mark for its products in April 2013, guaranteeing a smooth move to the new legal environment law and keep its long term commitment with European distributors. Aerofoam has plans to further invest in other essential certificates which are required by European countries, hence promising a healthy development path in a market which has huge potential.

The CE mark notion was launched in May 1985 by European Union to regulate the technological legal specifications for all European countries. After which the Construction Products Directive (89/106/EEC) was consequently established which sets the legal foundation for the introduction of CE mark.

Six necessary requirements for the above directive are:

- Mechanical stability
- Fire Safety
- Health, Hygiene and Environment friendly
- Can be used safely
- Noise Protection
- Economical energy consumption and heat retention

About Aerofoam Insulations
Aerofoam Insulation Solutions (a division of Hira Industries) consists of two new factories for production of two different types of foam. Both of these product ranges stand for highly efficient closed cell foams which can be used in a wide range of applications and for various purposes. First range is Aerofoam XLPE insulation that is cross linked polyolefin foam suitable for insulation, condensation control and mechanical protection while the second one is Aerofoam NBR which is flexible and elastomeric nitrile rubber foam suitable for condensation control, thermal insulation and sound absorption.

Media Contact
Owais Ahmed
Dubai, United Arab Emirates