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Aesthetic and Cosmetic Services Now Offered at Medora Medical Centre in Singapore


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 -- If you are searching for a local and private medical institution in Singapore that concentrates in cosmetology, then Medora Medical Center for medicine and surgery is what you are looking for. Under the direction of Dr Zubin Medora , the healthcare facility maintains its nobility in the field of cosmetology. Dr Zubin Medora is the Medical Director as well as the Primary Care Doctor of the aforementioned healthcare facility. He has achieved an undergraduate education in medicine and surgery with a specialization in cosmetology. Furthermore, he is truly one of the excellent medical practitioners in his field of expertise since he has already helped many patients in his long years in the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery.

Learning More about the Clinic

“Medora Medical Center is locally and duly certified under the Ministry of Health in Singapore. As per its registration, it does not only perform cosmetic surgeries as its specialization. It also provides medical care services. The healthcare facility is run by a team of medical practitioners certified under the Ministry of Health and under local medical organizations. The team has physicians from various disciplines in aesthetic medicine: cosmetic surgeries, EENT surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, hair restoration, face lift, breast reduction, and many others. They visualize giving their patients with the excellent medical care while having a notable clinical experience”, said Dr Zubin Medora .

Cosmetic surgical procedures which are classified as minor are the commonly utilized treatment by the public and these are done as outpatient cases. Minor procedures are categorized safe and have soaring rates of success in turning patients to be youthful than their actual age. There is no need to be hesitant to the aforementioned surgical treatment since it really enhances one’s physical outlook and it heightens one’s productivity in doing activities of daily living. It has been described by psychologists and beauty experts that one’s physical comfort and view to one’s body have profound influence to the creation of one’s self-esteem, personality, and social acceptance. Therefore, cosmetic surgeries aid in enhancing one’s well-being.

Contact any of the staff of Medora Medical Center for medicine and surgery today so that you will obtain confidence and youthful appearance inside and out.

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Dr Zubin Medora
Medical Director and Primary Care Doctor
Medora Centre for Medicine and Surgery
Business Mailing Address:
#03-08 Camden Medical Centre, One Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 248649
Phone: 6836 6035