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Affiliate Fan Pages 2.0: Review of Chris Freville and Paul Teague's Facebook Domination Program

Generate Massive Traffic From Facebook Fan Pages Revealed!


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- In a world where social networking is everything, people spend hours on these sites in offices and at homes. They look for ways with which they can make money through websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Paul Teague and Chris Freville have come up with exactly the kind of software people are looking for. It’s like they read people’s minds. The software they have developed installs profitable pages packed with people’s affiliate links right onto the most popular social networking website of the world, Facebook, with over one billion members. The best part about this software is that people don’t have to pay a penny for advertising or to the “programmers”. The software is named as “Affiliate Fan Pages 2.0.”

This is, without a doubt, the best software people can find on the web developed with techniques the developers have learned about Facebook in past five years. This has the best affiliate marketing techniques that, for sure can’t be found in other Facebook software. People who have not used it before, read along as they might regret not reading about this mighty program. People who have used a Facebook software before are either stuck with WordPress based solution or still coding lines.

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Making money on Facebook is the easiest thing. It is like selling a product where 1/7th of the world’s population is present. A person who is unable to sell things in such an environment, straightaway needs some assistance which is a software in this case. For people who are new to marketing must have an existing Facebook account which almost everyone has already. The developers will show how exactly marketing is done through advertisements. This part of software is free and takes about one minute for a person to learn all that.

The first version of Affiliate Fan Pages was an instant best seller and immediate “product of the day.” This program lets people create their own custom content or modify other pieces of work and upload it on Facebook. In easy words, people can now make money by making a Facebook fan page but not everybody knows how to do it so here comes the need of Affiliate Fan Pages 2.0.

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The thing about this software which no other software has is that other software make people set up their own apps but this program will auto-install those apps for people who purchase it. All a person needs to do is sit back and watch it sort out everything for him. The package includes a full set of “How to” videos that guides people by the hand on how to do things. It also includes the secret to how people should divert traffic on their pages as there are so many pages on the web. The program answers it all.

Full Facebook and software training are included and many users take up the monthly ‘unlimited’ option which has excellent retention. This is definitely a must try software for people who want to make money through marketing on Facebook.

Affiliate Fan Pages 2.0 does exactly what it says. It creates fabulous Facebook Fan Pages fast - really fast! And it provides with a ready-made collection of attractive marketing templates in multiple niches, meaning you can quite literally have Fan Page microsites built in no time at all. There's no tech involved, no hassles, no coding, no expensive advertising agencies to pay, just 'select and click' simple. Anybody can use this, from a sole trader to a big business!

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