Affiliate Program for Translation App Takeasy Is Newly Released by Takeasy Team

Join the Affiliate Program of Takeasy, Work at Home!


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2016 -- TAKEASY is the first one-to-one instant live human translation app. The app supports 11+ languages at present and is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Takeasy, a translation app that provides real-time personalized human translation services to solve the problems in languages, has been widely used all over the world. From the release of Takeasy, it has developed more than 620 thousand users. Furthermore, the amount of the users is showing a steady rise.

According to the data of international tourist arrivals from 1995 to 2015, there were 1,184 million international tourist arrivals in 2015. And the international tourist arrivals will continue to increase in the future.

In addition, based on a survey of the Takeasy Team, the top 3 concerns of travelers are personal budget, language and travel route, whose proportions are 33.29%, 31.25% and 28.67% respectively. The survey draws a conclusion that language has become the main concern during abroad trips.

Long before, body language and the calculator were the main traditional communication ways. With these most primitive methods, people communicated with each other inefficiently and misleadingly. Therefore, a real-time human translation tool is in great demand in the market of international tourism. Takeasy has met the need and gained great success.

At present, Takeasy supports over 11 languages (English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai and Italian). As the first one-to-one instant translate app in the world, it reaches translators who can offer 24/7 online service. Different from the traditional machine translation, Takeasy now provides audio, text and picture translation by real translators. Having so many amazing functions, it directly solves language problems people many encounter in travel.

Now, Takeasy has launched its affiliate program to realize corporate value with more partners.
If a person wants to express yourself with one certain language,
if a person has a platform that has a large number of users,
if a person has groups of people in your Facebook or Twitter,

Then, join the affiliate program of Takeasy app!

What can people get if they join the affiliate program of Takeasy?
30%-50% lifelong commission. That is to say, when a person suggests a new user buying a package in Takeasy, he/she can get 30%-50% commission from the amount of the package. And he/she continues to get some commission when this user goes on buying online translation services in Takeasy. The details of the commission are as follow:

For the first-pay new users:
Reach <20 users, get 15% of Sales Revenue
Reach >=20 users, get 30% of Sales Revenue

For the repeat-purchase users:
Get 10% of Sales Revenue for every repeat purchase

Extra bonus:
10% Bonus if monthly Sales Revenue reaches USD 1,000+
20% Bonus if monthly Sales Revenue reaches USD 2,000+

If people are interested in becoming the affiliate program of Takeasy, please send an email to business@itakeeeasy.com or visit the website http://www.itakeeasy.com.

About Takeasy Team
The internet era has witnessed that the earth has become a village. Some great revolution caused by the Internet spreads at home and even around the whole world. The human translation is a rigid demand for people in different languages. With the development of globalization, this demand will be more intensive. TAKEASY team has obviously realized that there is still a long way to go. Our team today not only serves businesses across the world within a short span of time, but also develops a strong and loyal customer base via providing a range of online the human translation services at optimum prices in Takeasy App.