ApplenMicro Announces 6 Free Parts Training to Make Affiliate Marketing Money

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Selangor, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2013 -- announces to all the people who want to make money online and affiliate marketing that they are affiliated to a number 1 Clickbank product which can help you to make $1,549 a day which translate to roughly $46,000 in a month. The program is also design to help aspiring affiliate marketer to succeed online with zero traffic which solves many struggling affiliate marketers problem.

Besides that, when someone join their newsletter, he or she will be automatically enlist to the 6 parts free affiliate marketing training that the owner, Michael Wong has personally gone through. These 6 steps are Michael personal experience to make money with affiliate marketing when he started the business again.

The reason he started the business again because he failed the business once. It was 7 years ago when he first started affiliate marketing business. Like many people, Mr. Michael discovered affiliate marketing when he was struggling with money.

When he was being introduced to the business, Michael was blown away by the success of average and regular people with affiliate marketing business and the simplicity of the business model. He thought that just need to refer prospects to the merchant through affiliate link and make money when the prospects become customer. How difficult can that be?

Impress with what he saw, Michael decided to go ahead with the business even though the service charges was more expensive than today. That aside, the technology at that time was not as mature as nowadays and there was certainly not so many automated solutions as affiliate marketers see now.

Being new and running the business without proper guidance, it was unavoidable that Michael failed the business. He also accumulated great debt when he left the business. But Michael never left affiliate marketing and he was keeping an eye and learning more about the business.

This time when Michael came back to make money with affiliate marketing, he was prepared. He knew the reasons he failed his previous attempt were because he made mistakes with his business planning and financial control.

And that’s what makes so different because it includes Michael’s personal advice and experience with finance control and business planning. It takes someone who has gone through the process to give related opinion.

“I admit honestly that I want to sell you the affiliated product. That’s how I make a living as a full time affiliate marketer. Still, I want you to succeed in your online venture as well. And that’s why I only recommend products that are affordable and proven to work. Also, in my free affiliate marketing training, I’ll show you the free or affordable services and resources that I personally use which can help to grow your business,” said Mr. Michael when asked about his direction with his affiliate marketing business.

One last thing to take note is that although the website URL was registered with Malaysia, Michael Wong pointed out that the tips he shared are universal for anyone who want to make money with affiliate marketing.

So, do you want to make money online? Head over to to see how you can make $1,549 a day with zero traffic...

Michael Wong created as a platform to share affiliate marketing, personal financing tips and his personal experience with the business. He failed the business once yet he came back to the business again because he believes in the potential of the business. Fully aware of his mistakes, he is now making the money he wants and on a journey to grow his affiliate marketing business further. His vision is to create a community of like people who want to make money with affiliate marketing and improve their lifestyle.

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