Affirm Multiplex Technology Now Available at Medora Centre in Singapore


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- It is inevitable to have aging manifestations as years pass by. The management of the signs and symptoms of aging has been a huge endeavor in the medical world. Many clinical treatments have been developed but no procedure has been effective to handle old age manifestations.

Affirm Multiplex (MPX) is an anti-aging remedy that has opened the gate of happiness in the medical field in dealing with the complications of aging. Many people around the globe have selected this treatment. Medora Medical Center for medicine and surgery, which is lead by Dr Zubin Medora, is one of the many healthcare institutions that offer this breakthrough clinical procedure.

"Affirm Multiplex provides a holistic management for age-related manifestations. It is highly suggested for people who want to obtain excellent outcomes without having to undergo a long recovery time. A great number of people who have received the benefits of Affirm Multiplex were those who have experienced facelift or body lift without undergoing the surgical risks. This medical procedure is gradually becoming popular in several nations like Hong Kong, Japan, and USA. It is a patented treatment that assures reliable results to its patients", said Dr Zubin Medora.

Affirm Multiplex is a highly accepted medical operation because it gives a total and effective solution for people who are looking for an amazing clinical experience. Only credible and registered cosmetic surgeons, like Dr. Zubin Medora, are permitted to do this procedure. It guarantees to provide high quality outcomes with lesser time for recovery.

Affirm Multiplex can also be done to enhance one’s physical insecurities. This is made possible through considering the individualized concerns and desired results of the patients. Affirm Multiplex is a general cosmetic procedure that needs to be performed by well-skilled cosmetic surgeons like Dr Zubin Medora. You can visit Medora Medical Center for medicine and surgery to avail of this treatment.

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