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Affordable Dentistry Options in Boca Raton by Dr Ronald Katz

Dental implants that are designed to appear like your natural teeth. Dr. Ronald Katz is a proficient dental surgeon in Boca Raton who knows the importance of making dental implants of the correct shape and size.


West Delray Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2014 -- A patient undergoing a dental surgery has a misconception that dental surgeries are a painful process. Dr Ronald Katz is an Oral Surgeon in Boca Raton who performs efficient dental surgeries with his expert knowledge in corrective jaw surgery and wisdom tooth removal. He is a trusted name in pediatric & adult oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Dr Katz he has also earned a reputation for providing the best Dental Implants in Boynton Beach. He is a board certified oral surgeon and is well qualified to practice dentistry. The professional staff that assists him during dental surgeries at his clinic also possesses the requisite qualifications. provides the complete list of details and services by him.

Teeth are often the most neglected part of the body. A majority of the people do not find it necessary to consult a dentist for tooth ache, bleeding or any other teeth problems. Teeth loss can occur due to several reasons like injuries, gum diseases like gingivitis or even because of tooth decay.

Dr Ronald Katz provides high quality Dental Implants in Boynton Beach for the elderly and those having lost their teeth in an accident. These implants appear as natural teeth and also have the same functionality. Dr Ronald Katz does a thorough study of the patient’s mouth and jaw structure and only after obtaining the correct measurement, he designs their dental implants that very accurately fit in the patient’s mouth.

Dental implants are now the most preferred choice amongst the people for replacing their lost teeth and this invention has been possible due to the progress in the field of cosmetic surgery. These implants are basically made from titanium which combines with the bone and thus get permanently and strongly fixed in the mouth. For a consultation with Dr. Katz, please schedule your appointment at

About Dr. Ronald Katz
Dr. Ronald Katz is an expert dentist at Boca Jaw Surgery who possesses a wide experience in performing corrective jaw surgeries as well as wisdom tooth removal surgeries. He is a certified practitioner and has a record of hundreds of successful cases. You can read more about him on