Family 1st Financial

Affordable & Effective Credit Repair

Consumer services company begins to provide affordable credit repair services to consumers nationwide.


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2012 -- The consumer financial services company Family 1st Financial is now providing affordable and effective credit repair nationwide. They have made it easier to track results and see the actual changes to credit report by providing clients with a personal credit portal. For years credit repair companies have been popping up and promising unattainable result. Family 1st Financial seems to be fixing this problem. Before they accept any clients they perform a free credit analysis. Their credit analysis points out the flawed areas of your credit reports and also identifies the areas that are damaging your credit score. They make sure that the client has realistic expectations before enrolling. You can request a free credit analysis at

They are offering two pricing models, monthly and Pay Per Deletion. While monthly credit repair programs have been around for decades, the pay per deletion credit repair pricing model is new and perfect for someone who only has a few blemishes on their credit report. You can find their pricing . Their pay per deletion program is one of the most affordable and effective that we have seen. When speaking with their lead processor who is a Certified FICO Professional and has been specializing in credit repair for over 15 years he stated that the pay per deletion program is designed to “give the client exactly what they pay for”. He also stated that pay per deletion can get expensive so it’s best used for someone with less than 4 inaccurate negative items on their credit reports.

After speaking with their staff I can tell you that they take credit repair seriously and the whole company is on a mission to make sure everyone has completely accurate credit reports and good credit. Their monthly programs offer great features like debt negotiation and debt validation and their pay per deletion service allows you to pay after you have received favorable results. On top of that you can have your credit report analyzed by a Certified FICO Professional. They are really providing a win win service for consumers who would like to employ the services of a trustworthy credit repair company.

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Kim Smith, Director of public relations
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