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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2015 -- Philadelphia summers are typically stormy, followed by a mild autumn. However, winter in the Philadelphia area is unpredictable, and in the past few years, residents have experienced severe storms. These storms have caused significant damage to homes, particularly to roofs and gutters that bear the burden of heavy rain, snow, sleet, wind and hail.

Philadelphia homeowners may, as a result, have to face sudden roof damage this winter. Roofs that have been weakened by summer storms may be particularly susceptible to leaks, holes, collapses and other roofing emergencies. If any of these situations occurs this winter season, homeowners are advised to call American Roofing Contractors, roofers in Philadelphia that offer affordable emergency roofing services.

When sudden roof damage occurs, few homeowners can afford to wait for a contractor to fix it. Roof damage can accumulate quickly, so that what starts as a small leak can quickly snowball into costly damage that affects other parts of the home, including the basement and foundation. Homeowners need to call roofing contractors in Philadelphia that they can rely on to arrive quickly and assess damage accurately. American Roofing Contractors offers 24/7 emergency roofing service to Philadelphia homeowners so that roof damage is fixed quickly and safely.

When homeowners call American Roofing Contractors for emergency roofing service, they can be assured that licensed, insured professionals will arrive on the scene as soon as possible. They will repair the damage by addressing the root of the issues and strengthening the roof to prevent incidents in the future. Homeowners can also discuss options like gutters, siding and roofing material upgrades with American Roofing Contractors' technicians.

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American Roofing Contractors provides roofing, siding and HVAC services in the Philadelphia area. They aim to give their customers high functioning homes while increasing the value of their property. The company offers free estimates and 24 hour emergency service for all customers.

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