Affordable Health Insurance a Campaign Issue According to Benepath


Newtown SQ, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- Many Americans wonder if the Affordable Care Act will be an election winner for Obama. After all, affordable health insurance is a major issue for many.

“This campaign has been interesting to watch, as there are a number of important issues that Americans want to hear about, such as immigration reform, the economy and health care reform. Granted, health care reform was passed, but there is still more to come in 2014. So, many are eager to see if the politicians will discuss affordable health insurance or not,” commented Clelland Green, RHU, CEO, and president of Benepath, Pennsylvania.

More to the point, Americans are wondering if the Act will get the incumbent President more votes to move forward with his plans for the nation. The answer lies in the history of what has transpired over the last few years. In 2010, Democrats lost six Senate seats and 63 seats in the House. On a state level, Republicans gained 7 new governors and 680 state legislature seats across the nation. Overall, Republicans snagged 3,941 seats, the highest they have been since 1928 when they landed 4,001.

“Think the health care law had something to do with those numbers? Most people do and are watching ‘this’ election with fervent interest. It may well be self interest motivating the intense interest in Obama’s campaign promises relating to affordable health insurance, but it is clear that this year is one of checks and balances – for the politicians and the electorate,” stated Green.

Some say health care reform cost the Democrats their House majority. Some say Obama made a mistake. Most, though, figure he is on the right side of compassionate and well thought-out policy for the nation – a point that may become clear when people better understand what health care reform really means for them, instead of living in fear of change.

“If you rely on polls, you see mixed messages – repealing the law running close to favoring its passage. If politicians relied on polls, nothing would get done. Despite the disparity evident in the nation’s point of view about health care reform, they seem to be moving inexorably towards accepting that ‘all’ Americans may access the health care system in 2014. Many, particularly those without insurance, find that appealing,” Green added.

During this campaign, the importance of health care to voters remains paramount. In fact, it will likely be the determining factor in how people vote this time around. It is certainly an election worth watching, because it appears it may be a close one.

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