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Affordable One, Two and Three Bedroom Apartments in Bremerton Available for Rent


Bremerton, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/12/2013 -- West and Wheeler offers affordable one, two and three bedroom apartments in Bremerton to all interested individuals. Bremerton is the home of Navy Personnel with the surrounding area that has a huge shipyard, but most of the navies move to areas around Bremerton such as Silverdale, Port Orchard to find an affordable place where they can stay. The affordable one, two and three bedroom apartments give navies the opportunity to stay in Bremerton without worrying about their budget. It also helps the city of Bremerton to generate more revenue.

All apartments are close to the shipyard and the ferry that connects to Seattle. Thus, everyone will find it easy to go to their desired locations. The apartments are also affordable, so they can stay in the area for as long as they want without stressing themselves about their budget.

West and Wheeler complies with all applicable state, local and federal laws preventing discrimination in housing based on sex, religion, familial status, disability, national origin, race and color. People in Bremerton, shipyards and the navy crew in Bremerton will certainly find these affordable one bedroom apartments beneficial for their needs. Most of these apartments have the basic amenities that are available in other kinds of apartments. These are located in fantastic locations, so anyone who wants to see the beauty of Bremerton can do it freely. Pets are welcome, though additional fees and some restrictions may apply.

These affordable one bedroom apartments in Bremerton are a good choice for anyone who wants or needs to stay in the area, but is on a tight budget. While these apartments are helpful for people in Bremerton, shipyards and the navy crew, it will also benefit local business in Bremerton and the city itself.

West and Wheeler is a company that offers affordable one bedroom apartments in Bremerton for rent to all people who want or need to stay in the city. These apartments have the necessary amenities needed to make one’s stay comfortable and enjoyable. These are located in excellent locations that will help people easily get to their destination. Since the apartments are affordable, anyone will not find it hard to get a place where he or she can stay during his or her visit in the city.

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