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Affordable SEO Services Gets Clients Prepared for the Newest Google Algorithm Update


Canal Fulton, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- In the ultra competitive world of advertising, companies need marketing partners that are committed to fulfilling the company’s vision. An online presence is now the lifeblood of modern business, so companies need a partner that understands how to create and shape an online presence to be as beneficial as possible. Affordable SEO Services is an ethical, white hat search engine optimization (SEO) company that works with its business clients to create a strong web presence and increase the keyword ranking of their client’s sites. With the pending updates to the Google search and index algorithm, Affordable SEO Services is preparing its clients for the newest standards in SEO.

Online visibility is the most important part of a company’s online presence and Affordable SEO Services is a worldwide leader in SEO with more than 50,000 page one links for over 3000 clients. The majority of potential customers will not make it beyond the third page of search engine results, so placement on the first page is vital. No company can guarantee a number one search result ranking, because of the number of variables involved that are out of the hands of the SEO firm, but Affordable SEO Services works diligently to move their clients’ rankings upwards.

Affordable SEO Services is able to keep its position as a leader in SEO because of the white hat tactics they use to build their client’s keywords and increase their client’s site rankings. Spamdexing and the use of hidden keywords in the background of a website are black hat SEO tactics that are will get a website deindexed, or removed from the search results of the major search engines like Google or Bing. A site that cannot be found is a site that does not exist for most people. Affordable SEO Services’ ethical approach to SEO ensures that the search engine ranking that a company receives is maintainable and there is no chance that the website will be deindexed by the search engine.

With a commitment to keeping their customers updated to match the latest trends in the industry, and a focus on white hat tactics, Affordable SEO Services stands to be a leader in SEO for a long time to come.

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