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Affordable SEO Services Now Offering Web Design


Canal Fulton, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- Modern companies cannot survive without a web presence, and the portal through which most customers will interact with the company is through the company’s website. A well designed site will attract customers and get them to stay on the site longer, while a poor site can drive away business. After years as one of the world’s leading SEO firms, Affordable SEO Services has now expanded their services to include web design.

The web site developed by Affordable SEO Services are made with the utmost care and come completely customized for every single client; there are no templates in the website designs. Customers can choose from standard html programming, or may opt to use the premium service and upgrade their website to a CMS site , or the client can upgrade even further to include full e-commerce support for the site. Companies that get their websites from Affordable SEO Services will find a host of other benefits as well. Because Affordable SEO Services started as an SEO firm, the websites that they design are already optimized for SEO, so most of the on page SEO work is done during the site creation process and clients will receive up to one month of free SEO service just for building through Affordable SEO Services.

The websites are developed quickly and efficiently so the client can be up and running as soon as possible, but clients are not pushed to accept subpar work that does not meet their expectations. The client has full control over the look of the project and has final approval of all web designs. Once payment has been made, the client owns all of the work done for the site, unlike other web designers who charge an access fee for sites that they create. Should any problems occur, Affordable SEO Services offers 24 hour support for their clients.

Web design is a natural extension of the services that Affordable SEO Services offers their clients, and their SEO expertise makes client websites very visible to potential customers. Companies will find the websites at Affordable SEO Services to be well made and just the way the client envisioned.

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