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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Offers More Affordable Hormone Diet Plans Designed to Trim Inches Safely and Rapidly Without Breaking the Bank

Diet Doc offers its most affordable hormone diet plans, unique to each patient’s needs, while fitting comfortably into almost any budget.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- Oftentimes, dieters become discouraged when attempting to lose weight fast due to the high cost associated with healthy foods, as junk food is usually cheaper. Following a diet plan that is rich in essential nutrients, combining whole, unprocessed foods can become quite expensive. Although it is certain that losing excess weight and following a healthy diet plan is essential to a healthy body and can lead to the avoidance of countless weight related diseases and conditions, the high cost often associated with purchasing healthy foods can cause dieters to become discouraged.

The professionals at Diet Doc have developed their medically guided, prescription hormone diet plans founded on the principles of making healthy food choices, while also being a less costly option, and a healthy alternative to cheap junk food. Each patient works closely with a certified nutritionist to design affordable diet plans that are unique to their body type, nutritional needs and medical conditions. By offering affordable diet plans that are safe and effective, the company has been able to help thousands lose unhealthy excess weight and enjoy a richer, more active and more rewarding lifestyle without the threat of weight related disease. Diet Doc has unveiled their most affordable hormone diet plans to date, making safe and fast weight loss inexpensive and accessible to interested clients nationwide.

Potential patients can begin the journey to better health with Diet Doc’s affordable hormone diet plans by simply picking up the phone, eliminating costly and time consuming visits to and from local weight loss clinics. For further convenience, scheduled weekly checkup calls, progress monitoring and physician supervision can also be accomplished from the comfort of the patient’s own home. This level of personal service allows the physicians to quickly identify and resolve any weight loss plateaus or roadblocks that may be prohibiting fast weight loss.

The addition of the company’s 100% pure, prescription hormone treatments, administered under the advice of a licensed physician, kick starts the metabolism and signals the brain to release stores of old fat into the bloodstream to be burned as the body’s primary source of energy, resulting in patients losing pounds and inches safely and at a cost that fits most any budget.

Diet Doc’s prescription hormone cannot be found in retail stores and is available to qualified patients subsequent to a medical evaluation and physician consultation. Because the company manufactures their prescription hormone in their own fully licensed, United States based, FDA approved pharmacies, they can be assured that patients are receiving only the purest and best prescription hormone medication with the best and safest ingredients.

Available in three easy to use varieties, patients may choose painless injectable hormone solution, sublingual tablets or oral drops. Because of its convenience, as well as its ability to promote more rapid weight loss while naturally suppressing the appetite, the most preferred method of delivery among patients continues to be painless injectable solution. Patients are reporting the rapid and noticeable loss of pounds and inches without suffering extreme energy loss or between-meal hunger which is typically associated with low calorie dieting.

In addition to prescription hormone treatments, Diet Doc offers an impressive collection of essential prescription and non-prescription vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as prescription diet pills for accelerated weight loss, easily available to clients nationwide via a simple phone call. A delicious array of diet foods and snacks are also available to make dieting simple and structured to promote the best results.

Because Diet Doc supplies only the purest form of the powerful prescription hormone, affordable diet plans that are customized to each patient’s personal needs, and a level of personal service that is unequaled by competitors, the company is quickly becoming the most reliable and trusted name in fast weight loss and continues to deliver the best results with safe, effective, and affordable diet plans directly to clients’ doors across the country.

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