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African American Author, Kristopher Holbert, Announces 'Revelation Before Rehabilitation Campaign'.

Hoping to change the world for the better, Holbert’s new campaign and its accompanying book seek to raise vital awareness of the lack of prevention-based life skills programs in America


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2012 -- Despite the millions of dollars that are pumped into America’s many rehabilitation programs each year, Texan Kristopher Holbert believes they lack a focus on prevention-based life skills.

As an ex-convict, his first-hand experience noticed the lack of positive and ethical material being highlighted in not only urban communities, but in many other lower income areas across America. Wanting to do something about it and change the world in the process, Holbert today announces his ambitious new campaign.

‘Revelation Before Rehabilitation’ bucks the trend by believing that not all Americans are created equal when it comes to understanding the true moral importance of not being finically and materially greedy. However, when a person understands their true significance to society, the group believes that individuals will act with greater care and be more likely to invest in their own future.

This understanding forms the basis of their aggressive campaign. To spread the word as far and quickly as possible, Holbert is releasing an inspiring and compelling book.


In this book Kristopher Holbert launches his “Revelation Before Rehabilitation Campaign”, sharing with his readers his newly reformed understanding of life skills, morality, and general common sense. Delivering inherited wisdom and knowledge from his troubled past life, the one-time Drug Trafficker, Dealer, Gang Affiliate, and Federal Inmate dispenses street savvy urban wisdom tagged as “Game” to the millions of people seeking a positive change. Holbert explores many different mentalities of today and offers strong insight regarding purpose and ethical solutions to self-destructive behavior. This socially conscious transformational tool captivates the uncivil with a more civil approach and is beneficial to all that strive for personal growth and development.

With a long family history of brute convicts and drug addicts, Holbert understands the country’s infatuation with rehabilitation.

“As most Americans know, statistically it is easier to track, allocate, and explain on paper the success and failure rate of a person once they are numbered, categorized, and designated to confinement. It is far more “efficient” than spending money on classes and programs that promote morality and ethics in a free society, which cannot be scrutinized as closely in areas that have high crime rates and low educational scores,” says Holbert, who served his time in Federal prison for smuggling narcotics.

He continues, “The solution is people like you and I making contributions of time, finances, and energy to make sure that every person no matter their background has an understanding and sense of value in their personal worth and relevance. RB4R not only promotes you to appreciate you but also is dedicated to providing the Life Skills and a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to those in need, specializing in everything from literacy material to workshops, coaching and so much more.”

Holbert remains committed to his cause. Aside from running an active fundraising campaign to allow Revelation Before Rehabilitation to continue its vital work, he is also busy writing his book, set to debut in March of 2013.

Of course, throughout his busy schedule, Holbert is constantly encouraging others to stand up and join his growing movement.

“Please become a part of our movement today and let’s get this lifelong journey moving in the right direction. Our fundraising campaign ends in January, so the time to take action is now,” he concludes.

For more information, please visit the campaign’s official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/RevelationBeforeRehabilitationCampaign

To visit the official fundraising webpage: http://www.indiegogo.com/revelationbeforerehabilitation

About the Author: Kristopher Holbert
Kristopher Holbert is an African-American author, born in the southern part of Dallas, Texas. While being raised by a single mother and bred from a long line of brute convicts, Holbert found himself down the familiar path of criminal lifestyle. In his early twenties the author was Federally indicted and sentenced when arrested by Customs and Border Patrol agents on the drug war infested Texas-Mexico border. It was a very dangerous environment especially for Holbert, being the only African-American inmate amongst thousands of Mexican drug cartel and street gang members.

Leaving that lifestyle behind, today Holbert has dedicated his life to transforming the minds of those who feel their only relevance in life comes from money or material goods by putting out literature and working to enlighten those seeking light in darkness.