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After 3 Years of Field Testing, Steel Seal Is Pleased to Announce a 94% Success Rate on Their Cadillac Northstar Engine Repairs


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- Steel Seal is pleased to announce the highest success rate of the special formula that specifically treats Cadillac Northstar engines. When drivers are told that they need to replace their engine, due to a blown head gasket, their minds quickly turn to the high cost of replacing the engine. However, with the company’s formula, drivers with Cadillac Northstar V8 engines will not have to worry about spending extra money with a mechanic.

Steel Seal has been providing drivers with a low-cost alternative to head gasket replacements, saving them money and hassle since 1998. The Northstar division is the latest example of the company’s commitment to the low-cost, highly efficient alternative.

An easy solution to blown head gasket problems, include installing Steel Seal’s Cooling System Modification Kit. The kit works to eliminate air pocket formation, which develop when the thermostat malfunctions when the engine is under high demand. The cooling system kit stops the engine from overheating. This avoids the continuation of overheating, which causes the gasket to blow.

The second part of the solution is to add part A and B of the treatment to the surge tank. After adding the Steel Seal Treatment, it is recommended that the vehicle is driven immediately at 60 mph or third gear for approximately five miles. When the engine is working under high demand, The Steel Seal Treatment is able to make the necessary repairs.

After flushing the cooling system, installing the cooling system modification kit, adding Steel Seal and driving the car immediately afterwards, drivers will receive proper coolant flow and have their head gasket repaired in less than one hour. This easy-to-follow process removes the need for calling a mechanic and spending unnecessary money.

Steel Seal guarantees that the product will repair a blown head gasket, or customers will receive their money back. For a free diagnostic review, please call 1-800-796-7968 x3.

About Steel Seal
Steel Seal is a product that offers a 100% guarantee on sealing a blown head gasket or cracked head gasket, in under an hour. The product is composed of a clear, liquid formula that seals head gaskets permanently. The product has been used by thousands of repair shops throughout the United States.

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