After England, Madbid Germany Gains Immense Attention and Increasing Members


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 --, a website dedicated in reviewing various penny auction websites which are legal in Germany, has recently published an informative article elaborating on the success Madbid has had in Germany.

Madbid was initially allowed for Great Britain citizens only, but due to its popularity has now expanded its service to numerous European countries. Madbid Germany is now the next sensation for many bidding enthusiasts who find the prizes offered by the websites very appealing and useful.

Running a penny auction website has been very controversial and many popular companies have faltered due to lack of transparency. This is one of the reason why Madbid has regained its spot of being a leading penny auction website as its system is based on chance & luck only without any pampering.

Apart from providing highly desired consumer electronics, Madbid also offers discounts on variety of items such as vacation packages, household appliances, sports equipment and even cars. These high end special deals are now a norm on the website enabling the bidders to get a chance to win very big.

Many individuals are often fumbled on how Madbid is able to provide brand new products with warranties. For such queries Madbid has informed that its deals come from warehouse closeouts, overstock surpluses, wholesale stock or manufacture stock hence offering premium products that are still fairly new on the market.

The editor of the website, has been an active user of Madbid Germany and after over a year of successful bidding on the website has now published a comprehensive review explaining the ins and outs of Madbid and also penny auction bidding in general.

About is one of the leading personal blogs that discusses various techniques of winning at penny auction websites such as Madbid Germany. The editor of the website has been an active bidder on Madbid and has won numerous prizes, especially in the last year. Through the online platform,, these techniques and reviews of other penny auction websites that are legal in Germany can be viewed.

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