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After Hiatus Due to Ramifications of Government's Illegal Storage of PCP, Bestselling Author Toxie Myers Storms Scene Once Again with a Great Novel

While he was once ‘up there’ with the great writers of his time, author Toxie Myers was forced to leave his literary dreams behind until his wife suddenly became ill. What initially started as a mystery turned into a dangerous personal and legal nightmare after Myers discovered that the symptoms were a result of the Government’s illegal storage of Pentachlorophenol near his home. Myers’ wife sadly passed away from her illness in 2007, inspiring Myers to return to the literary scene with his only weapon – writing -- and expose the world’s most deadly chemical to the public through a series of powerful books.


Tehachapi, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- Even though he made his official early career as an ironworker, Toxie Myers was also known to many as the best-selling author of a series of books that exposed the tons of hazardous dioxin and pentachlorophenol (PCP) waste CalTrans illegally and dangerously stored in Pinole, California. During the decades that they have been available, Myers’ books have been credited with saving thousands of lives.

However, Myers became embroiled in his own narratives in the late 1990s after his wife complained about the chemical odor coming from their neighbor’s yard. Instantly aware of the risks due to the storage of PCP, Myers had his neighbor’s fire logs tested and the results confirmed his suspicions. Myers’ wife sadly fell victim to her cancer in 2007 and, what followed, was Myers’ personal mission to expose this most deadly of chemicals and its Government cover-ups to the world. He had taught HazMat for the construction trades at Laney College in Oakland, California and was cognizant of PCP dangers.

Myers broke this thirty-year hiatus to storm the scene with gusto through a series of compelling fact and fiction books. The topics they cover are wide ranging but hugely powerful; from exposing the dangers of PCP and the Government’s attempts to cover up the mass murder its responsible for – right through to a book tackling racism – Myers’ works spurred social changes and Government action. His new novel, THE ORDAINED, is a stirring pageantry of intertwined stories, history, mystery and depth of character.


‘The Ordained’ - A 1937 winter shootout in Chicago starts the suspenseful novel about a group of diverse American lives ordained to intertwine until 1947. They are the Ordained, an Aged Jewish Zionist, Chicago gangsters, an idealistic physician, a nurse who violates her sworn ethics for love, Mississippi sharecroppers, white and black, countrified women who fight starvation and broken dreams with prostitution; good men who simply decay feeling life ordained them to destitution. At the core of all their moments in time together is a small boy, who represents a wishful end to their separate broken dreams. The story masterfully leads the reader vividly into an historically transitional time in America, from Chicago’s underworld and opulence, Little Rock’s open door as a criminal sanctuary, Mississippi Delta’s poverty- driven racism, and New Orleans, vitality built on an anything goes philosophy.

‘The Naked Trumpeter’ - A suspenseful mystery novel of fast-paced action that reveals how an unusually large number of people are becoming sick from a wide variety of illnesses, most of which are terminal. A few government officials and the manufacturer of a certain pesticide know the cause. They must keep it secret because behind it lurks the deadly results of a previous experiment in Africa and New York City. The full panoply of human emotions is explored through vivid characterizations of greed, apathy, ignorance, and trust. At the center are two very deferment individuals: a man, whose deep love for his murdered wife surpasses all fear and rationality, and a perky female reporter who risks her life and career by telling the Naked Trumpeter's story. The author uncovers components and participants in a massive conspiracy that exposes an insidious cover-up.

‘A Poisoning in Eden’ - Author Toxie Myers brings a varied lifetime of experiences, study and teaching into an unsuccessful fight to save his family from a dangerous State of California hazardous waste dump. With a fresh, clear voice, he shows how a simple request for removing killer waste from his harm was used as a national warning in the Halls of Congress. He shows how bureaucrats condone obvious dangers against the public with deceit and lies, and how they continue covering up a major national and worldwide disgrace of public poisoning. From a simple safety request he shows how his house was set on fire, his life threatened in the mail and on the phone, on his lawn, his utilities terminated....

‘The Pinole Syndrome’ - In The Pinole Syndrome author Toxie Myers again brings a lifetime of experiences, study and teaching into a combative dissection of how our government harms us with poisons and criminal acts. He courageously fights arrogance of our paid servants all the while putting his life in danger from civil rights violating cops, dangerous ex-convicts, dope dealers, duped and arrogant judges and poisoners. His Poisoning in Eden garnered exceptionally high unsolicited reviews both in national periodicals and internet websites such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

‘Ironworkers Hall’ is his memoir that includes colorful characters of the trade and labor history.

“Every book has its merits and each title is hugely pertinent to society,” says Myers. “For example, ‘The Ordained’ focuses on a pivotal point in American history that needs more attention from both the media and the public. I hope my other books are also of vital importance as they cut through the facts to expose how our once great country need s healing from the top down, our Government’s biggest mass murders ever, through poisoning and destruction of individual rights and freedoms. Of course, they are trying to cover everything up and this forms a bold part of each narrative. Think of it as a gripping literary expose.”

Reviews for the novels have been overwhelmingly positive. For example, with reference to ‘The Ordained’, one reader comments, “He writes like Twain, Thoreau and Rachel Carson are his muses, for he is their earthly voices in exposing the dangers of our Government’s “Culture of Corruption” that is destroying our freedoms and health.”

Mary Ward of Beyond Pesticides.org wrote in their national magazine about “A POISONING IN EDEN’ “…reads like a John Grisham thriller….”

Paula Rotsky was equally as impressed, adding, “I just finished THE ORDAINED and it is a magnificent book, full of great characterizations and plot. It seems to be a cross between THE GODFATHER and GONE WITH THE WIND. Anyone interested in a good read should read this book.”

All books are available now, through Amazon, Kindle, Nook and WaveCloud, as well directly from the writer’s website.

For more information on Myers and his work, visit: http://www.toxiemyers.com.

About Myers
Myers was born in the Mississippi he writes about in THE ORDAINED, raised in Oakland, California from age eight; attended UC Berkeley for four years before dropping out for military service. Later worked as a structural Ironworker and taught college-level construction courses. He is an active environmentalist.