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After Losing Everything in a House Fire & Experiencing a Bold Journey to Awakening, L.M. Blanchard Shares Personal & Mystical Teachings in New Book

‘The Golden Link to Oneness’ uncovers teachings that have resonated with sages and mystics across the ages. These insights, woven around Blanchard’s own experience with tragedy and awakening, clear the way for any and all readers to experience profound spiritual growth. Blanchard’s ultimate goal is to help readers shift into higher levels of awareness and consciousness, where it is possible to release suffering and reconnect to a part within that is linked with the Divine force – in ‘Oneness’.


Ottawa, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2014 -- Canada’s L.M. Blanchard has been interested in spirituality since his childhood, and has spent the past two decades travelling the world to explore a myriad of different meditation techniques. While it provided a deep insight into life and its many facets, nothing could prepare Blanchard for the trauma of watching his house and everything he owned burn to the ground during a blizzard on February 1st, 2008.

“I lost everything to the fire and my identity also began to burn with it,” explains Blanchard. “In just one night everything I owned was turned into ash; you can never prepare for such an event. You’d of course worry about the physical objects, but it was the intangible losses that served as the catalyst for my life-changing journey into awakening. My personality was reflected through the objects I had collected, the décor had become part of my personality and the entire house was a reflection of my ego-self. The universe saw in it’s great wisdom that it was time to shift; to honor my genuine self – and I am now sharing what I learned along the way.”

Blanchard’s experiences and insights fuse together in ‘The Golden Link to Oneness’ – which can help anyone start their own journey to awakening.


In The Golden Link to Oneness, L.M. Blanchard makes accessible teachings that have resonated with sages and mystics from cultures and traditions that seem far removed from our present time. Through sharing personal and mystical experiences, the author delivers relevant insights into perspectives that rise above the limited views of the ego-mind and helps to clear the way for you to journey along your unique spiritual path and at your own pace.

“The book as an extension of my spiritual journey; a natural companion to a road that saw my new path fall into place with ease and perfect timing, which only happened after I became aware of my true fears and then facilitated by the power of my own volition,” Blanchard adds.

Continuing, “Millions want to affect fundamental change within their own lives, we see the shift happening all over the world, and I hope that my story and perspectives allow them to let go of the illusions created by past patterns and limited perceptions. This is something we all struggle with. Anyone can get closer to their genuine self and the divinity that resides within – but it isn’t easy, it can be uncomfortable at times. If I can make a career out of helping others reach that state, I’ll see it as a very fruitful existence that is in service to others.”

Readers are also urged to explore the author’s expanding website at http://www.lmblanchard.com – which contains a wealth of information and guidance on meditation techniques uncovered during the author’s travels.

‘The Golden Link to Oneness’, with a foreword from actress Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman), is published by General Store Publishing House Inc. The official release date for the book is October 15th, 2014 and is available now: http://amzn.to/1q2W9vL

About L.M. Blanchard
L.M. Blanchard has studied different forms of meditation for the past twenty years and has been active in spiritual exploration ever since his early childhood. While in Hawaii in 2012, he was initiated as a Deeksha Facilitator (Oneness Blessing Giver) by Lindsay Wagner, and in January 2013, he attended the Oneness University in India, where he experienced his awakening during a twenty-eight-day process.

In the fall of 2013, while on a Tibetan meditation retreat in Ireland, he began work on his second book. He currently lives in rural Ottawa, Canada, with his two dogs, Willow and Topaz.