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After Success of Its Viral Screen-Door Boat Ad, Flex Seal Launches New Truck-to-Boat Commercial


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2012 -- If the Flex Seal commercial in which the marketing veteran Phil Swift seals a door on the bottom of a boat failed to impress the viewers, then the new Flex Seal commercial of sealing a truck with Flex Seal and converting it into a boat will have people hooked. In the latest video Phil Swift again set out to impress others by completely sealing a truck’s bottom with cans of Flex Seal and driving it like a boat. The innovative rubber liquid in a can product has already gained attention for its boat commercial, but the bag of marketing tricks by Phil Swift is far from empty.

Despite the enthusiastic commercials, Flex Seal has been complemented by many professionals for being highly useful and effective. Flex Seal which was originally launched with one black or default color is now also available in brite to satisfy the needs of those making repairs on lighter or white surfaces. Flex Seal Brite is still not available in stores, but can be ordered online via the company’s official website.

The product’s purpose is to coat, seal and stop leaks preventing repairs that could cost you thousands otherwise. According to the various tests and customer feedback the product is considered to be very useful for repairing leaky gutters, roofs, PVC pipes, air conditioning systems, and even boat leaks. Flex Seal continues to win the hearts of new customers inspired by capabilities demonstrated in the commercial.

The latest Flex Seal commercial features two Flex Seal powerboat racers who have successfully used the product in a bind. The company’s confidence in the product has been reflected many times throughout the commercial and innovating demonstrations. One major factor for Flex Seal’s success is the low cost. Currently Flex Seal is available for $19.99 and usually includes an offer for a free additional can. Customers probably feel that since the product is available at such a low cost, trying it will cause no harm. After all leakage repairs can cost a fortune when hiring professionals. Most of the customers have been satisfied with the product’s performance and feel that the purpose for which they bought the product had been fulfilled. As to what other memorable demonstrations Phil Swift will come up with next, we’ll just have to stay tuned.

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