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After Successful Beta, TheVPNReviewer Launches VPN-Technology Blog


Paris, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2012 -- With the positive reception of the beta, TheVPNReviewer has launched niche VPN-Technology Blog. The company has added reviews of successful country specific IP, Android VPNs and specific internet services oriented VPNs, each rated based on security, cost and access.

The VPN Technology blog features active discussions on some of the most followed topics in VPN space including How to surf anonymously at work , Review of the best free anonymous email service and how to hide the IP address and useful information on anonymous web browsing.

On the latest trends in the market – Mr. Alan Renand, spokesperson of the company discussed the changing landscape with mobile oriented VPNs like VPN android service “Internet privacy is nearly nonexistent, we live in an age where handheld devices with internet access like Smart phones and Tablet PCs are carried by almost everyone. Setting up VPN service for your Android device or IPhone allows one to enjoy a secure, anonymous web-browsing experience anywhere. We have developed expertise in this niche VPN service and are proud to have comprehensive coverage with respect to ratings and expert reviews.”

Country specific VPN services are another changing trend – for example with popular demand from customers for access to geo-restricted sites of German broadcasters like ARD and Pro7 many VPN service providers has announced German VPN service. "Like other broadcasters, German broadcasters typically do not own the rights to make their content available in other countries. This is generally due to cost of international broadcasting licenses and companies feel the cost outweighs the demand.” Talking about their coverage of VPN Service providers for Germany ,he said” When it comes to choosing a VPN provider you can get a German IP address. We recommend Hide My Ass because they have servers in Germany which are fast, reliable, secure; the three main criteria by which we typically evaluate VPN services.”

Secure Protocol to Data (SSTP) is another technology trend that is gaining popularity in Internet security market. “Being anonymous and protecting your data online is nowadays a real challenge. With SSTP once one connects to the VPN they are assigned an anonymous IP address. From then your communication will be totally secured as the VPN will establish a secure tunnel between your workstation and the VPN server” explained Mr. Renand. The company predicts there will be an increase a 42% increase in uptake of SSTP VPN services this year due to the various features such as transport-level security with key-negotiation, encryption, traffic integrity checking and Skype access.

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