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After Superman, Batman, Spiderman and X-Man Comes FALCONMAN - A New Multi-Billion Property

Cannes Film Festival, 14 May - FashionTV introduces a new hero to the world, EXCLUSIVELY sold on FashionTV VOD on YouTube.


Vienna, Austria -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- FashionTV Films unveils its new mega-film project – FALCONMAN, The Wings of Desire. A superhero with his entourage of wing-suit flying Falconforce beauties in tandem with combat falcons – who resolve the most complicated plots created by power-hungry villains whose goal is to become the world’s most fashionable trillionaires – and control the world of fashion, football and Formula 1 – with one FALCONMAN having the capability to cross their plans.

Created by President and Founder of FashionTV – Michel Adam – casted with Gerard Depardieu, Omar Sharif, Maria Mogsolova, mysterious FALCONMAN hidden behind the golden mask and many celebrity fashion guest-stars, written by Tony Hickox – co-produced by Norbert Blecha of Terra Films Vienna and other partners. As FashionTV, Jean Claude Van Damme (80 million YouTube subscribers, 12 million Facebook fans) and other actors are highly popular among YouTube and Facebook subscribers, part of finance will be launched through crowd funding such as etc. - supported by fashiontv online and on-air promotion.

Full of action spanning the world from Mongolia, Korea, Bali, Dubai, Monte-Carlo, Cannes, Porto Cervo and Vienna to the aristocratic castle of Graf von Falconstein – the non-stop action in the air and underground tunnels of Vienna, the plot brings the world of corrupted global sports betting, Jetset intrigues and glamorous love to the viewers. In a never ending catwalk filled with terrorists, models, beauties, falcons and the mysterious FALCONMAN.

The president of fashiontv Michel Adam said: "Simultaneously with the launch of the film on FashionTV VOD on YouTube a full line of merchandising from fashion to video games will be available online, while watching the film the viewers will be able to buy all related FALCONMAN products. The dream of every marketer will come true!"

Created and produced by FashionTV – the global leader since 1997 in lifestyle television reaching over 500 million homes, 300 million YouTube views, 3.2 million Facebook fans and over 3.5million Google+ followers. FALCONMAN will be promoted by FashionTV and released in cooperation with YouTube Exclusively worldwide.

Falconman, Falconforce, Falconwoman, Trillionaire are registered trademarks and copyright of gmbH Munich.

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