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After UK, Madbid Gains Immense Attention in Major European Countries


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/01/2014 -- Madbid auction web site was initially established in UK in the year 2012. Today, it has branched out to most of the European countries due to popular demand. According to recent reports, it has become one of the most influential online shopping sites. Its popularity lies in customers bidding for their favorite items.

Madbid has earned a league of its own in the industry for its original and top quality products. The site only sells products that are sealed, ensuring the product’s originality. It is reported that the site has over thousands of biddings from enthusiastic customers. The online store has become a favorite stop for buying original and latest gadgets like iPhones, iPad, Samsung, DSLRs, sports and gym equipments, household appliances, and even cars. Multiple sources have confirmed that the site is favored for providing products with authentic seal of the concerned company and warranty.

The latest innovation of the site has been the biddings on wholesale stock, warehouse products and closeouts, surpluses from overstock, stocks from manufacturers and many more. This bidding has attracted numerous retailers, looking for affordable deals. The site is the proud holder of the award for Europe’s top discount auction website. Initially, this online bidding store was allowed only to UK citizens. However, due to its popularity, today it operates in countries like Canada, France, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Turkey and others. Apart from auctioning electronics and other consumer products, the site is also most favored for its penny auction.

In an industry that is constantly under controversial attacks from the public for lack of transparency, Madbid came as a breath of fresh air. It is based entirely on transparency. The site has turned into a leading penny auction site which is based on luck and chance, without any manipulation from the side of the management.

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About Madbid
Madbid is an auction website which was initially based in Great Britain. Due to its popularity, today it has branched out to major European countries.