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Aftermarket Auto Parts Retailer Autoplicity Partners with Amazon Payments


Morton Grove, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- Autoplicity co-founders Sean McWherter and Eddie Lichstein admit to being “a couple of gear heads” with extensive experience in automotive eCommerce. “We decided to partner and build something great together,” McWherter says. They launched Autoplicity.com in 2011, specializing in performance-related aftermarket car parts. “The business really took off in early 2012, and it’s been a heck of a ride so far.”

Autoplicity stocks a large variety of car parts in warehouses across the U.S. and emphasizes a smooth buying experience. The two founders see Amazon Payments as highly supportive of their philosophy. Customers have quickly adopted Amazon Payments on Autoplicity.com. Amazon Payments accounts for over twenty-five percent of transactions on the site.

“Having Amazon Payments on our website puts a big brand like Amazon behind a small brand like Autoplicity,” McWherter explains. “We know Amazon Payments has contributed to the growth of our business because our conversion rate has gone up significantly. When you can put a household name like Amazon behind a business like ours, it helps the confidence factor with the shopper.” Online reviews have affirmed that customers appreciate having the option to pay with Amazon, garnering praise like, “Amazon Payments gave me peace of mind” and “ordering on the website was smooth, especially with Amazon Payments.”

Equally pleased, Lichstein says payments with credit cards have decreased and sales conversions are up overall since Autoplicity began offering Amazon Payments. “I forecasted that our conversions would go up with Amazon Payments because of the ease of use and the sheer number of Amazon customers. And that’s what’s happened.”

McWherter and Lichstein both credit Amazon’s fraud protection with helping them feel more secure about customer orders. “We can’t stress enough how much Amazon’s fraud process means to us,” McWherter says. “As a new business, fraud concerns us, and we cancel some orders to err on the side of caution. We don’t have to worry about that with Amazon. Once the order comes through, it’s clear. Chargebacks do not happen. Returns are less. It’s just a much better transaction. If 100 percent of our orders went through Amazon Payments, we’d be happy.”

Lichstein echoes his partner. “When it comes to fraud protection with other payment options, you have to fend for yourself. The amount of energy it takes to fight, coordinate, and recheck chargebacks is unbelievable. But Amazon Payments does the entire job, and we know Amazon has our backs.”

The partners also rave about Amazon Payments’ ability to keep the customer on Autoplicity’s site throughout the payment process instead of redirecting to the site of another payment provider. “It’s far more attractive to us to have people stay on our site,” McWherter explains. “The implementation was easy too. I didn’t have to build the modules to display the addresses and payment information. Amazon built all that; I just put them on the page the way we wanted it.”

“None of the other payment methods we use even come close to approaching the level of service we get from Amazon, and that makes a very impactful difference,” he adds. “With Amazon Payments, one good thing has led to the next and now Amazon Payments is exceeding all of our expectations.” Partner Lichstein sees long-term payoff. “We’re shooting for a high level of efficiency in our customer experience and our business. When our customers see Amazon Payments, I can guarantee that customer’s likelihood of returning to Autoplicity is much higher.”

To learn more about Autoplicity, please visit: http://autoplicity.com/

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