Age-Insight, a Chrome Extension Has Been Launched to Calculate Anyone's Age


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2015 -- A developer released today a new Chrome Extension called Age-Insight. This Chrome Extension uses semantic technology in order to compute the age of a person who has a profile on LinkedIn.

Juan J. Ramirez is the developer of the said Chrome Extension, who also works as a lead product manager at a tech startup in NYC. According to him, the extension works in more than 85 percent of the LinkedIn profiles and the tool is consistently updated with new semantic data and rules.

The developer also said that the Chrome Extension is based on a very simple calculation that users are possibly doing already. However the interesting part is that the extension puts the calculation in auto-pilot and uses data to increase the accuracy of the calculation.

He said that he had the idea of creating the extension when he realized how often he found himself looking into this information and how long did it take him to do the calculation.

Age-Insight for LinkedIn performs a semantic analysis of the information that can be found in the profile and this includes the professional's educational background and his or her working experience in order to come up with an educated estimation of the professional's age. The extension will also analyze the accuracy of the data so that it can compose a precise calculation. Apart from that, Age-Insight for LinkedIn uses various datasets when it comes to crosschecking and improving the accuracy of the age guess.

The underlying technology fine-tunes the computation of a person's age by using of each piece of provided information, from the professional's current location to his or her Alma Mater and even their first name. Then all this information is compared against the available & growing datasets.

Age-Insight is a tool that is primarily intended to make some jobs easier and simpler by giving its users precise age details that they can use to enhance the quality of their research. This Chrome Extension can help them in a lot of ways like getting the context of a person's experience, assessing professional profiles and collecting background details in order to understand prospects clients. The extension is also a very powerful tool to validate information and benchmark the job market.

Juan Jose Ramirez is the developer of Age-Insight for LinkedIn. He is a Product Manager and UX designer who has been working for the last three years in researching innovative interaction techniques and product development frameworks. He attended the prestigious ETC program at Carnegie Mellon University where he helped several companies like Chevron and AHN to create groundbreaking technology prototypes.

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