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Aged Domains Are Easy to Search for with New Domain Sentinel from PR Powershot


Victoria, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2013 -- PR Powershot, a premium product from Universal Media-Online, has just added a new feature to its program. Called the Domain Sentinel, it helps make the process of buying aged domains much more simple and quick.

Traditionally, people who wish to buy expired domains or domain names in general have had to spend hours searching for the names. Reading through literally thousands of listings to find a good one was an incredibly time-consuming and even frustrating process. Once a domain name was located that looked to be promising, the person would then have to spend additional time analyzing it, finding its history, age, and existing backlinks.

With the new Domain Sentinel system, buying domains for profit is now a breeze. The system allows people to configure what they are looking for—either by keyword, by pagerank (PR), and by domain extension. After clicking “save,” the Domain Sentinel system goes to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, scouring the largest database of domains that are aged, expired, or about to expire. Then, once domains have been located that match the criteria, the domaining software will email the user. This helps to ensure that people will not miss out on finding the specific aged domain names that they are looking for.

Once a person receives an alert that a domain matching the criteria has been found, he or she can check the quality of the aged domain before purchasing it.

“You can check backlinks, Alexa rankings, and even social signals such as Facebook ‘likes’ and twitter mentions of the domain,” an article on the PR Powershot website explained.

“This means that when you are buying Aged domains – and looking for domains with High PR, or domains with PR and traffic – the domain sentinel system on PR Powershot will make the selection easy for you.”

Anybody who is interested in learning more about the new Domain Sentinel is welcome to visit the PR Powershot website at anytime; there, they can watch a video to see the impressive new system at work. The site also features in-depth articles about purchasing aged domains, including one that explains the benefits of doing so.

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