Agriculture Website Teaches the Importance of Soil Moisture for Plants


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2016 -- The key to growing healthy plants relies on soil moisture as one of the important aspects in gardening. An agriculture website shares the importance of maintaining good levels of soil moisture for healthier plants.

Website My Agriculture Information Bank stated that soil water is among the major elements of the soil when it comes to plant growth. The website emphasized that when the soil moisture content is adequate, plants can absorb soil water better.

"Water contained in soil is called soil moisture. The water is held within the soil pores," My Agriculture Information Bank stated.

The website also listed down some essential points on the importance of soil moisture. First, soil water acts as solvent and carries the nutrients necessary to aid better plant growth. The amount of water determines the crop yields, since water in the soil is also a nutrient.

It has also been noted that soil moisture can regulate the temperature of the soil. Microorganisms reportedly require soil moisture to process their functions. Plus, soil moisture is a "principal constituent of the growing plant."

"Soil water dissolves salts and makes up the soil solution, which is important as medium for supply of nutrients to growing plants," the website added.

How HealthyWiser's plant soil meter can help

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