AgroVolt Crowdfunding Project Launched for Super Charged Plant Growth Product


Snolquamie, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2013 -- With a goal of $23,000 Scott Friedman and his company AgroVolt Technologies based in Seattle, Washington, has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo to support his innovative product called AgroVolt. Simply stated, the product makes plants grow quicker, larger, healthier and more robust. This is an affordable green technology that works with any plant type. The AgroVolt consists of a solar panel, two electrodes and a built in moisture meter. The energy from the solar panel increases the ability for the root system to absorb nutrients which increases root mass and produces thriving plants which double in size. Utilizing a precise amount of energy, the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients increases, resulting in amazing greenery that has a 60 to 150% increase in fresh and dry weight. “The AgroVolt is what you call going green on supercharge. There’s no need for fertilizer or pesticides with the Agrovolt.” said Friedman. “Root systems grow larger, seeds produce greater amounts of female plants in half the time, fruits, vegetables and herbs grow more robust in flavor and leaves grow thicker and greener. It’s truly amazing.”

Quite literally all a consumer has to do with the AgroVolt is insert the product into the garden and allow the sun and soil to do the rest. The product’s two electrodes and solar panel create a precise amount of energy to enhance plant growth and work efficiently with LED lighting and a built-in moisture meter to gauge how much one should water. The product works on any plant type from herbs to fruits and vegetables as well as shrubs and lawns. It’s works both indoor and outdoor as well as in low light areas where sunlight is a particular challenge. The AgroVolt even reduces or altogether eradicates pest and insect infestation. “This truly is the most affordable technology on the market. Between not having to buy fertilizer and pesticides to plants that double in size, it’s just an unsurpassed tool for making a garden even more gorgeous and fruitful.” added Friedman. The revolutionary product is a boon for the environment because it reduces the pollution and destruction of rivers, streams and soil.

“We are currently working on a version that incorporates Bluetooth technology which will be capable of presenting real time data to a smartphone or computer on the health and efficiency of the plants being grown. We’re very excited to roll that product out as well.” said Friedman. For now the innovative AgroVolt product tells the user exactly how their plants, shrubs and lawn are doing through the panel attached to the device.

Tested with the use of a control and non-controlled sample at the University of Florida’s Agricultural Department in Gainesville, Florida the research study proved successful in using the AgroVolt method. Now that technology has progressed making it cost effective for Friedman to bring this product to market he has partnered with the DA International Group, a global manufacturer with over twenty-two years of experience in custom manufacturing and product development. Through this partnership Friedman is poised to begin mass production on the AgroVolt. Having brought development full-circle, from a science project Friedman had twenty-five years ago to now a product in the funding stages on Indiegogo, monies raised will go toward tooling and material costs.

Crowdfunding perks include free memberships to a grow tips website and one or more newly designed AgroVolt products.

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