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Agua Caliente in Arizona: The Largest Solar Power Plant in the World

The largest solar power plant in the world rose in Arizona, sending electricity to California in the next 25 years.


Tucson, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2014 -- The largest solar-panel power plant in the world rose in Arizona, which is responsible in supplying electricity to California under a twenty- five year contract.

This 290-megawatt project owned by NRG Energy and Mid American Solar is called Agua Caliente. The project is expected to provide electricity to San Francisco-based Pacific Gas and Electric Co., which signed a 25- year purchase agreement.

Through this solar power, the project would generate enough electricity for about 230, 000 homes. Solar electricity production depends heavily on the weather. For instance, a cloudy and rainy day has a greater chance for the solar farm’s production to be cut.

Last 2013, a growing number of large solar power projects were coming in California and Arizona. It greatly reflected the significant replacement of solar power to fossil fuel power generation with cleaner energy sources.

The federal government played a big role in promoting the giant solar projects. The program approved a 967 million dollars loan guarantee for Agua Caliente. A loan guarantee is meant to provide assurance that if the borrower would not pay back the loan, then the loan guarantee issuer will.

In connection with, California policy markers promote smaller projects, around 20 megawatts each that can be built closer to towns. Arizona set goal to require 15 % of their energy from renewable energy sources by 2025 and large portion of this energy should be referring to solar energy having Arizona’s favorable climate conditions.

Since Arizona has the desert areas, it offers the highest solar energy potential in the US, even higher than California. Arizona’s dominant energy sources are currently coal because it has lots of coal deposits and natural gas.

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