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A.H. Harris and Sons Announces Successful Involvement with Callahan Tunnel Project

A.H. Harris's Boston office publishes excellent results on first phase of demanding, important tunnel work


West Hartford, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- Construction supplier and service provider A.H. Harris & Sons, Inc. announced the success of its assistance with the first phase of the renovation of Boston's Callahan Tunnel. The company's Boston branch provided crucial materials and support to the companies contracted to perform the work, taking calls and loading trucks at all hours. The critical first phase of work on the tunnel went even more smoothly than hoped, which was an especially positive development since it means that the period of nightly closures has passed. Work on the walls of the tunnel, which does not necessitate closing it to traffic, continues and is expected to conclude by the end of August.

"We couldn't be prouder of the work done by our Boston office on the Callahan Tunnel project so far," Director of Marketing Communications Sally Harris said, "as they exceeded everyone's expectations. Boston locals are undoubtedly pleased that this important tunnel is once again available around the clock." A.H. Harris's representative worked with three different project managers around the clock to ensure that the necessary supplies were available throughout the first phase of the project. That dedication helped the first phase of the project to finish ahead of schedule, ensuring that traffic from Boston's North End to Logan International Airport and other destinations would not be unnecessarily disrupted.

The project was significant important for the company because it was the largest one undertaken to date by the relatively young Boston office. Over nearly a century in business, with origins as a local trucking company, A.H. Harris has grown to become one of the leading suppliers to the nation's construction companies. It is especially well known for its proprietary forming and shoring equipment, some of which has contributed greatly to the Callahan Tunnel work. It also provides construction-related consumables of every sort from concrete to cleaning supplies and chemicals, and does so with an attention to detail and dedication to service that have made it one of the industry's most favored suppliers.

"As we contemplate our second century in business," Harris continued, "it's clear that our best days are still ahead of us. The Boston crew's incredible work on this extremely important project is a sign of the vitality and energy that permeate the organization as a whole." A.H Harris services much of the East Coast and nearby regions through a network of more than 40 local offices. The company's scale and levels of service have made it a mainstay of some of the largest construction projects in the country, including its recent work on the Callahan Tunnel.

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A leading supplier to the nation's construction industry, A.H. Harris & Sons offers everything from its own line of concrete forming equipment to construction site cleaning supplies. The company's unmatched dedication to service and reliability have made it one of the largest and most depended upon of its type.