A.H. Harris & Sons, Inc.

A.H. Harris & Sons Announces Release of Latest Catalog of Construction Equipment

Resource details 64-year-old company's wide variety of offerings


West Hartford, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- Construction supplier A.H. Harris & Sons, Inc. announced the release of its spring catalog. Listing thousands of products used in tilt-up and other types of concrete construction, the catalog is available for immediate download at the company's web site. With over 40 locations spread across the eastern portion of the country, A.H. Harris is one of the largest and longest-established suppliers of goods and equipment to the construction industry.

"For more than 60 years, we have been a key supplier to those involved in construction," company representative Sally Harris said, "and today, we have more products to offer than at any time in our long history." With a particular focus on forms and shoring tools, the company supplies construction industry professionals of all types. Its Harris 1500 clamp system, widely considered one of the top products of its sort, is a modular system which is used in European-style concrete construction techniques. Renowned for its ability to handle up to 1500 pounds per square inch of concrete pressure, the form-work system allows the in-place construction of concrete walls and pillars.

Company President Kim Corwin also leads the Tilt-Up Concrete Association, a trade group which promotes the acceptance and usage of that construction technique. With tilt-up construction, concrete structural pieces are formed on-site in horizontal molds. Once they have set sufficiently, they are hoisted vertically into place and supported and attached to other structural elements as needed. Concrete building elements created in this way can be much larger than those formed off-site with the plant-cast method, since they do not need to be transported to the construction site. This can lead to greater cost efficiency, structural strength, and speed of construction for projects where the technique is used. A.H. Harris has been one of the pioneers in spreading awareness of the advantages of this style of construction, and the technique has become increasingly popular in North America.

As one of the leaders in the industry, A.H. Harris is involved in a number of other trade organizations and educational initiatives, too. It is a longtime participant in the annual International Concrete Sustainability Conference, an event which brings together academics and industry representatives to discuss issues relating to environmentally aware concrete construction techniques. The company provides expert sales advice and consultancy services to its customers, being dedicated to showing how its products can improve construction efficiency and safety. It extends credit to qualified customers through its in-house credit department, typically offering terms that are more generous that those which could be obtained through third parties.

"With the construction sector heating up again, and tilt-up in particular gaining a lot of new traction," Harris concluded, "we're thrilled to be in our best shape ever when it comes to supplying the industry." The company's new catalog, available for free download from its website, lists all of the concrete products and other equipment that can be obtained through its physical locations. Visitors to the company's web site can also keep up with the latest news regarding the company, including the release of new products and its attendance at conferences and other industry events.

About A.H. Harris & Sons, Inc.
Founded in 1950, A.H. Harris & Sons, Inc. is one of the leading suppliers to the American construction industry. With over 40 locations, it offers concrete forms and shoring equipment, as well as a wide selection of other goods used for a variety of construction techniques.